Texas and Las Vegas become victims to Iran Cyber Attacks

As the world is expecting a World War 3 by this month-end between Iran and North America, Garvin Bushell, Vice President of Cyber World Institute thinks that the war will happen not with guns and bullets, but only through cyberattacks causing more harm to the populace than expected.


In the meantime, the news is out that from the day the US attacked and assassinated Iran’s General Qassim Soleimani through an air drone, cyberattacks on Texas state networks have increased to 10,000 per day from meager 420.


However, readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that none of the attacks went successful as the IT staff working for the fed were well capable to thwart cyberattacks of any range and genre.


Texas governor Greg Abbott and Amanda Crawford the Director of the Information Resources Department have confirmed the news.


On the other hand, a press statement released by the City of Las Vegas says that hackers tried to infiltrate their data systems at 4:30 Pm PST on Tuesday. But the attack is reported to have not yielded any success to hackers. And within 24 hours a clear picture on the extent of the compromise will be revealed on an official note.


What’s interesting in both these breaches is that it comes just after Iran released a press statement that the United States will have to ‘Pay Big’ for assassinating Qassim Soleimani.


Gravin Bushell says that Iran might be planning a cyber-attack which can be potentially destructive and disruptive.


As some of the big companies of the world have made Las Vegas and Texas as their operational hubs, companies operating in these two regions might become first targets for Iranian malevolent cyber operations. So, Bushell is urging all the public and private entities operating in the United States to take the cyber alert issued by Homeland Security very seriously.


Note- A source from the Houston Chronicle reports that hackers launched a cyberattack on the Texas department of agriculture website early on Saturday last week- just after hours when US President Donald Trump admitted that the air drone attack on Suleimani was made under his full knowledge. However, Sid Miller the Commissioner of Texas Agriculture Department condemned the news and said that it the work of some hackers who were participating in a kind of Cyber Challenge………strange?


Naveen Goud
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