Texas School District experiences DDoS Cyber Attack

On the very first day of virtual learning, a Texas school district has made it official that it became a victim of a cyber attack that disrupted virtual classes for 48 minutes. However, the good news is that the IT staff of the school district was swift enough to thwart the Denial of service cyber […]

REvil Ransomware attack on Texas County Sheriff office

Hackers belonging to REvil ransomware group have once again targeted Sheriff Office belonging to Cooke County, Texas over the weekend, and succeeded in stealing a portion of data from the servers.   The stolen data includes some personal information that includes data related to past and present cases says a source from Emsisoft that has […]

Texas and Las Vegas become victims to Iran Cyber Attacks

As the world is expecting a World War 3 by this month-end between Iran and North America, Garvin Bushell, Vice President of Cyber World Institute thinks that the war will happen not with guns and bullets, but only through cyberattacks causing more harm to the populace than expected.   In the meantime, the news is […]

Texas Ransomware attack to cost $12 million and more

A recent ransomware attack which took place on 23 local government entities of Texas is believed to cost the entire state at least $12 million loss which could surge if the incident gets unwrapped further during investigations. Hackers are reportedly demanding $2.5 million on a collective note to free up the database from malware.   […]

1 in 5 Americans are hit by ransomware

The Harris Poll survey conducted recently says that 1 among 5 Americans were hit by a ransomware attack in this year. And researchers say that the conclusion was driven after gathering responses from over 2000 American respondents. Cybersecurity study conducted by the New York-based analytics company also suggests that government and businesses should indulge more […]

Ransomware attack on 20 Local Government bodies of Texas

Department of Information Resources (DIR) of Texas has officially announced that a ransomware attack has encrypted data related to 20 local government bodies. And DIR in coordination with the Texas Military Department and Texas A&M University System Cyber Response and Security Operations Center is offering malware cleaning assistance to the most seriously impacted jurisdictions. Security […]

Hackers cyber attack 156 emergency Alarms in Dallas

Hackers managed to cyber attack 156 alarms, triggering false siren and unnecessary panic for hours among the residents of Dallas, Texas. As per the numbers available with us, Dallas has over 186 alarms meant to sound danger to the area’s populace. Out of the said number, 156 of them were breached by cyber-crooks triggering false […]

Cyber Attack threat to Texas based Oil Companies

Texas-based oil and gas companies are said to be extremely vulnerable to cyber threats. And that’s because the energy industry is inching towards digitalization which otherwise makes it extremely difficult for companies to protect sensitive data. According to an investigation conducted by Houston Chronicle, Homeland Security has identified over 900 security flaws in US Oil […]

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