Microsoft servers facing Iranian Cyber Threat


In a joint statement released by United States, Britain and Australia, it was revealed that Microsoft servers were facing constant cyber threat from Iran sponsored hacking groups. The law enforcement agencies from the said nations respectively issued a statement that a hacking group named Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) was constantly eyeing to infiltrate the network infrastructure of the Satya Nadella led company.

Reiterating the same, American Cybersecurity firm Fortinet stated that Iranian Hacking group APT was constantly looking to infiltrate the servers of the Microsoft to plant ransomware and espionage related tools into the computer network of the software giant.

The advisory issued by CISA, FBI, Australian Cyber Security Center and British National Cyber Security Centre says that the transportation sector along with the power and healthcare were constantly being targeted by several cyber attacks each day and the organizations have so far mitigated them to the core.

Foreign threat has always remained as a major concern to the Biden led nation over the past two years, and RYUK and DarkSide groups stand tall among them, with their links tracked down to Russian nation, but not the Putin led government.

During an International Summit in June 2021, US President Joe Biden submitted a list of critical IT infrastructure to Putin’s administration asking them to spare those digital assets from being cyber attacked by Russian hackers. 

Note- In January 2021, Microsoft Exchange Servers were cyber attacked, where hackers somehow got full access to the credentials on affected servers, and used the admin privileges to access server content and all connected devices on the network. In March 2021, a detailed investigation launched by the tech giant revealed hackers got access to about 250,000 servers belonging to over 30K organizations in United States, 7K in United Kingdom and the European Banking Authority, the Norwegian parliament and Chile’s Commission for the Financial Market.

Naveen Goud
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