Google wants its Gmail users to take these security steps in 2023

Google, the much-used search engine across the world, has disclosed some security steps to its Gmail users to stay cyber safe in the year 2023. It is urging its mail users to stay away from spam by marking mails that seem to be suspicious as spam. This not only helps the online users to stay […]

Google down outage not because of cyber attack

From the early hours of Monday, i.e. December 14th,2020 many of the uses using Google’s online services experienced a downtime for almost two hours. And as soon as the services of the web search giant went down, people searched is “Google down” or for any Google Outage. Reacting to such queries, the internet juggernaut issued […]

Over 1.5 Billion Gmail and Google Calendar users are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Google which received an alert in 2017 that more than 1.5 billion of its Gmail and Calendar users were vulnerable to credential steal attacks has finally reacted to the news now and has released a press statement on this regard early today. The statement says that Google offers Cybersecurity protections to users who are using […]

Cyber Attack did not cause Google, Youtube, Snapchat and Gmail downtime

Google oriented web services such as YouTube, Google Photos, Snapchat, Gmail, Nest, Discord, and Vimeo were disrupted for almost 4 hours late Sunday. But on contrary to the ongoing rumors that the services were hit by a cyber attack, the Alphabet Inc, subsidiary has issued a press statement that the downtime was caused by a […]

Google makes its Android phones as Physical Security keys for added cybersecurity

Google, the America based internet juggernaut has made it official that it is going to use all it’s android version smartphones running on Android OS version 7 or above as physical security keys which offer 2-factor authentication for users to log into their respective accounts in a secure way. Yes, you’ve read it right! In […]

How to keep your Gmail account safe from hackers

Nowadays, every online service is being linked to your email account or your phone number and this is what is giving hackers an access point to explore your secrets-if/when the user shows laxity in securing their respective accounts. Keeping aside mobile phone security, for now, let’s talk about email security. Google mail or shortly called […]

State-sponsored Cyber Attacks on Google Gmail Accounts of US Senators

Google, the internet juggernaut from Washington has warned all US Senators that some state-funded actors are trying to hack into their Gmail accounts in order to steal vital secrets. The information came into light when The Associated Press (AP) revealed this news to the world. The news post of AP says that Sen Ron Wyden, […]

DHS alert to all Gmail users against the “Confidential Mode” feature

All those who are using the new Gmail interface have been put on alert by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) against a wave of scams being carried out by a group of online crooks. The raised security fears are pertaining to the new feature called “Confidential Mode” which has been introduced into the […]

Gmail offers Security Checkup Tool to curb privacy rumors

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc has finally reacted to the ongoing media speculations that 3rd party applications can read all the email messages of a Gmail user. The Mountain View-based technology giant has advised all those concerned to use its ‘Security Checkup Tool’ to review and control permissions for the non-goggle apps which have […]

Leominster pays $10K in bitcoin to free up data from a ransomware attack

Leominster school district located in the scenic locales of Worcester County, Massachusetts is reported to have paid $10k in bitcoin to free up data from the ransomware attack which encrypted its entire database early this month. Mayor Dean J Mazzarella said that the ransom payment made for the cyber attack will be debited from the […]

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