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Google Chrome supports passkeys for authentication

In this digital world, nothing seems to be secure enough to hold info tight. So, the only way to prevent digital theft is the use of Passkeys that are now being entertained by companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple for better security. A passkey is nothing but a passcode that enables authenticated access to a […]

Critical vulnerability on Google Chrome puts 3.2 billion users at risk

A warning has been issued to all those who are using Google Chrome browser version prior to that of 100.0.4896.88 and installed across Windows, Mac and Linux desktop platforms. As per the alert, all the 3.2 billion users are at risk of being hacked by cyber criminals located remotely by executing arbitrary code to access […]

Google ups mobile security on its Chrome Application

Alphabet Inc’s business subsidiary Google has announced that it is going to offer its mobile version of Chrome Application with utmost security as it has made password management on it much better. As Chrome 86 has gone live on Android and iOS mobile versions, the internet juggernaut has made password management excellently stronger by enabling […]

Google Chrome Web Browser caught in Spyware data scam

Google Chrome, a much in a demand web browser with over 32 million users worldwide has caught up in a spyware related data scam recently.   According to Cybersecurity researchers from Awake Security, a company which keeps a tab on cyber threats appearing in network traffic, the spyware was keeping an eye on the online […]

Google issues vulnerability alert to Chrome Browser users

Google has issued a security warning to all its Chrome browser users using its web access platform across Windows, Mac and Linus OSes and has urged people to update to its latest version 81.0.4044.113. Although the internet juggernaut hasn’t mentioned anything about the vulnerability which could have otherwise exploited by hackers, it did mention that […]

Phishing attack on the mobile version of Google Chrome users

All those using the mobile version of Google Chrome are hereby requested to make a note of a phishing scam which is taking place in the current cyber landscape. According to a recent media update given by developer Jim Fisher, hackers are seen using a mix of coding and screenshot techniques to trick chrome users […]

Vega Stealer malware can steal financial data from Web Browsers

Researchers from Enterprise security firm Proofpoint have found that a new malware called ‘Vega Stealer’ is on the prowl on the web and it has the potential to steal financial data from the web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. A detailed study conducted by the said Sunnyvale based company claims that the said malware […]

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