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Apps on Google Play Store with in-built Adware

Security researchers from Dr. Web have discovered in their latest study that many of the applications hosted in the Google Play Store were loaded with adware and info stealing malicious software. The most concerning info about these apps is the fact that some applications also have the potential to steal information from other apps such […]

New Data Safety section on Google Play Store

In May 2021, Google announced it will launch a new data safety section on its play store to benefit customers. And now, the company has released a statement that it will roll out its new section to all its users by July 20th this year. To those who do not know what the Data Safety […]

Rooting malware menace hits Google Play Store users

Security researchers from Lookout have discovered that some apps hosted on the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store are coming pre-loaded with Rooting Malware that allows hackers to take control of the device within no time and install additional malicious software that can prove devastating to any android smartphone user on an overall note. […]

Mobile Security firms ESET, Lookout, Zimperium to clean up Google Play Store

Google has asked three mobile security firms to help it scan for bad android apps on its Google Play Store. So, a team of security researchers from Lookout, Zimperium, and ESET will start sieving bad apps from the Play Store before they reach the user devices. As the American Technology Giant is committed to offering […]

BeitaAd malware bombards over 238 apps on Google Play Store

Lookout, a California based IT security company has revealed that more than 238 apps on Google Play Store are being bombarded by BeitaAd malware. Furthermore, the research revealed that the specified malware is actually adware which affects the smartphones with advertisements making them unusable. Researchers from Lookout have revealed that their study has found that […]

Facebook caught sharing user data with Tinder, OkCupid and Pregnancy+

Facebook caught sharing user data with Tinder, OKCupid and Pregnancy+Facebook(FB) is back in news for sharing its user data with Android app developers working for Tinder, OkCupid, Migraine Buddy, and PregnancyPlus. And Buzzfeed was the first to report about this practice discovered by a Germany based mobile security firm named Mobilsicher. Researchers say that over […]

Iran may be spying on UK and US populace with weaponized apps!

Iran, also known as Persia is said to be spying on millions of populace from UK and US through state-sponsored applications available on Apple and Google app store. The country is said to be indulging in the said activity in order to gather critical info of those belonging or working in political, military and technical […]

How to raise your mobile security quotient?

In the past few months, rogue apps from developers in China have succeeded in slipping into the app stores owned by Google and Apple. These apps usually masquerade themselves as big retailers like Zappos, Dillard’s or Nordstrom or pose as most downloaded games like Pokemon Go. They somehow try to coax the mobile users in […]

Google Play Store hosts ‘Charger’ Ransomware!

Google Play Store which hosts all android based free and premium apps are in news for all wrong reasons. The app store hosted by the internet juggernaut is said to be acting as a home for some sneaky ransomware. Dubbed as a ‘Charger’, the said malicious software is said to be hidden in a Google […]

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