UK government scanning all connected devices for cybersecurity lapses

United Kingdom has started the process of scanning all connected devices in their country for vulnerabilities and will inform the device owners if any critical concern is found. National Cyber Security Centre(NCSC) will be performing a scheduled scan with freely available tools operating in dedicated cloud hosted environments via two IP addresses and […]

App stores become home to Government Spyware

Security researchers from BlackBerry’s Cylance have discovered that Android and iOS app stores have become home to government-induced espionage malware. According to the company’s latest report, prolific and pervasive government spyware are being spread on Android and iOS application platforms which give us a confirmation that consumers are being misled by technology companies that are […]

Finland starts probing cyber attacks launched on its government websites

Finland government has joined forces with UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) to investigate the recent cyber-attacks which took place on state-run public service websites in the country this August. Among the attacks, the most serious were those which targeted National Police Service and other public websites. Thus, the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) of […]

Cyber Attack fear makes the Swedish government urged citizens to hoard cash

Cyber attack fear has made the Swedish government urge all its citizens to hoard cash in their houses in the case of a national emergency and as a precautionary measure. According to ‘The Times’, the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency is asking its populace to stock up cash in small denominations if in case the banking […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos phone hacked by Saudi Government

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s phone is reported to have been hacked by the Saudi government as a part of a malicious effort to defame and harm the world’s richest man. This was revealed by Gavin De Becker, the security chief of the Amazon Chief in an interview to the sensational news resource The Daily Beast. […]

US Shutdown makes government websites vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

US shutdown has started to show its repercussions on many of the official websites in the United States leaving users vulnerable to cyber attacks, say cybersecurity experts. The websites which are vulnerable include US Department of Justice, The Court of Appeals and NASA and a few portals related to the Utilities & municipalities operating in […]

Government websites in Finland suffer DDoS Cyber Attack

A distributed denial of service attack is said to have disrupted few of the government websites in Finland on Sunday last week. And authorities say that the denial of the service attack was the biggest to have taken place in the past few months. Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the first to bear […]

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