Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos phone hacked by Saudi Government


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s phone is reported to have been hacked by the Saudi government as a part of a malicious effort to defame and harm the world’s richest man. This was revealed by Gavin De Becker, the security chief of the Amazon Chief in an interview to the sensational news resource The Daily Beast.

The law enforcement of the United States has been informed about the mobile phone hack of Jeff Bezos who chose to remain silent on the issue until further developments are revealed.

Highly placed sources say that the hackers backed/funded by the Saudi government have gained access to some of the sensitive info of the American technology entrepreneur which includes some financial info of his recent high profile- bank transactions, access to his personal text, images and videos folder and some company details.

Note- Gavin De Becker just put allegations over the Saudis and did not reveal direct evidence or any citation for his claims/allegations.

Jeff Bezos who is currently going through divorce turmoil with his wife Mackenzie Bezos due to his extramarital affair with his present girlfriend Lauren Sanchez- a freelancing pilot turned anchor on Los Angeles TV; has confirmed the news that his phone witnessed an unauthorized access from hackers recently, but chose to remain silent on revealing the suspects behind the incident.

A Summary of this entire cyber incident

In January 2019, Jeff Bezos revealed that he is going to separate from his wife Mackenzie Bezos after having 25 glorious years of marriage. Mr. Bezos chose to remain silent on the separation until a new resource The Enquirer spilled the beans on his alleged affair with Lauren Sanchez.

In Feb’19, Bezos claimed in a media interview that the ‘National Enquirer’ was indulging in Extortion and blackmail as it was threatening to leak more photos and chat conversations with his girlfriend unless a huge amount as ransom is paid. He was also unhappy with the news reports which claimed that his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez had revealed all of their personal conversations to one of her friends who later made the matter public for monetary benefits.

However, the Amazon chief launched a separate inquiry into the hack with his security consultant De Becker as chief. And De Becker has revealed now that the personal info leak was done by Saudi military intelligence who first hacked the phone of Jeff Bezos to steal his private info and then leak to the media- all in retaliation to a news report of The Washington Post which alleged Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for killing Jamal Khashoggi.

Since Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post; he might have to face more such consequences in the near future.

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