Wow, a job offer to hacker by victimized company

A week ago, Poly Network, a cryptocurrency notifying block chain site was hitting the google news headlines for wrong reasons. A hacker stole $600m worth of crypto from the block chain network and transferred the currency to three digital wallets. Now news is out that the hacker returned half of the money gathered from the […]

Some details of hacker who stole $4 billion bitcoins from Silk Road Blackmarket

A hacker named Raymond Ngan, aged 49, was arrested by the federal authorities in November 2020 and named as ‘Individual X’ who stole bitcoins worth $4 billion from Silk Road Marketplace between 2012 -2013. Although, there is no concrete evidence that the arrested guy is the same person who indulged in the heist some years […]

Ukraine busts hacker behind 773 million password breach of Americans and Europeans

Ukraine has released an official statement yesterday saying that the law enforcement authorities have taken a person named Sanix into custody in association with a password breach related to over 773 million European and American populace.   Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says that the hacker was convicted about a hack involving 1 million unique […]

Chinese database hack reveals the grievances in Government surveillance

We all know that the government of China has decided to keep an eye on the whereabouts and the activities of each of its citizen in the name of surveillance being conducted for National Integrity. However, a recent hack conducted by a Dutch Cybersecurity specialist named Gevers says that the espionage activity has more to […]

IOC Indane leaks Aadhaar details of 6.7 million Indian Citizens

A security researcher named Baptiste Robert has claimed that he has access to sensitive data of over 6.7 million Indian citizens after he hacked the database of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) which stored the Aadhaar details of its users. Indane happens to be the second largest gas supplier in India after Hindustan Petroleum (HP). It […]

Hacker destroys 18-years old data of VFEmail via Cyber Attack

Almost all data belonging to VFemail was reportedly destroyed in the hands of the hacker on Monday this week. The anonymous email services provider says that the attack was launched by a hacker active on darknet and identified as Aktv at the rate Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the hacker destroyed the data of […]

Hacker stole $130,000 from Paris Hilton via Cyber Attack

A woman named Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan is said to have impersonated Paris Hilton online and at one point emailed to one of the hotel heiress assistant’s to request for a fund transfer of $80,000 to her account. And as soon as she received funds, she splashed all the currency to celebrate a party on New Year’s […]

What Was Scary About Blackhat 2017?

As you might know, at the end of July, all types of hackers came to Las Vegas to attend Blackhat 2017. During the conference, some pretty scary hacks were exposed, and we can all take this as a lesson on what we are up against in this technology-heavy world. Here are some of the scariest […]

Blackhat Hackers Love Office Printers

The term, or in this case the word “blackhat” in tech generally refers to a criminal hacker. The opposite of black is white and a “whitehat” is a security professional. These terms originate from the “spaghetti western” movies when the bad guy cowboy wore a black hat and the law wore white hats. Fun huh?! […]

Protect Your Mobile from Hackers

If you are like most of us, you probably have a password, antivirus program, and a firewall for your home computer to protect it from hackers. Are you doing the same thing for your phone?   From 2015 to 2016 malware infections on smartphones swelled by 96%, and about 71% of the smartphones out there […]

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