Israel Hamas war deteriorates in cyber space with fake currency begging scam

Amidst the cries for freedom from the war initiated by Hamas, innocent citizens of Israel are facing a new threat in the form of heartless individuals engaging in cyber scams to profit from the ongoing conflict. Over the past three days, social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook have been inundated with stories aimed […]

Israel govt websites hit by DDoS Cyber Attack

Over the past 48 hours, Israel has found itself under relentless assault from Hamas militant groups, resulting in a tragic loss of life and substantial property damage. Adding to this already dire situation is the cyber onslaught launched by the notorious Killnet Hacking Group, reportedly backed by Russian Intelligence. Killnet has made its intentions chillingly […]

West should be wary of ‘Green Hat Hackers’

Western Countries especially United States and UK, need to think about the newly emerged ‘Green Hat Hackers’ who can prove devastative any time. Hamas, the militant group comprising Palestinians, has developed a cyber offensive force and named them as ‘Green Hat Hackers’ or shortly known as GHH. A special report produced before Atlantic Council suggests […]

Air Strikes in retaliation to Cyber Attacks

Israel resorted to air strikes on a building located in Gaza Strip which the military forces claim to be housing Hamas Cyber Operatives. This was in retaliation to a cyber attack launched on Israel’s critical infrastructure last week this year. While there is no qualitative evidence that bomb attacks have really pinned down the Hamas […]

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