Air Strikes in retaliation to Cyber Attacks

Israel resorted to air strikes on a building located in Gaza Strip which the military forces claim to be housing Hamas Cyber Operatives. This was in retaliation to a cyber attack launched on Israel’s critical infrastructure last week this year.

While there is no qualitative evidence that bomb attacks have really pinned down the Hamas cyber group, Israel claims that it will not spare anyone who invades their territory via air or cyber space.

Note 1- Three years ago NATO has made a proclamation that cyber landscape can be declared as the official platform for modern day warfare

General Brigadier Ronen Manlis of Israel has specified in his statement that Hamas have no cyber operational capabilities as of now- all due to the recent air strikes made by his country. He also made it official that the Shin Bet Security Service aka Israel’s Security Agency was also involved in launching air strikes on Hamas.

Note 2- It has to be notified over here that in the year 2015, the US authorities were the first to launch a military attack in retaliation to cyber attacks when a drone strike made by ISIL Hackers group killed Junaid Husain- a British citizen.

Reacting to the news of Israeli air strikes, Mike Pompeo the US Secretary of State said that Israelis have every right to defend themselves.

“Military activity working along the laws of armed conflicts should be conducted after considering certain principles of proportionality”, said Dr. Lukasz Olejnik, a professor at the Oxford University of Technology. Thus from his statement, Dr. Olejnik has stated his mind that he is against nations and states adopting to bomb attacks i.e. kinetic forces in retaliation to incidents in the cyber landscape.

Note 3- Hamas has also fired over 600 rockets against Israeli Defense Forces in the last 3 days, while the military forces of Israel claim that they have launched 100’s of strikes against the so-called cyber military forces claiming more than 32 lives of Palestinians and 4 Israeli civilians.

Naveen Goud
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