Headlines Trending on Google Regarding Recent Cyber Attacks

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Faces Ransomware Attack on IT Infrastructure The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) has fallen victim to a digital attack on its IT infrastructure, suspected to be the work of a ransomware spreading gang, according to the latest FBI report. The incident, which began on Monday, has disrupted the organization’s […]

A quarter of American populace have had their health data compromised

Data breaches in the healthcare sector in the United States have become increasingly common, with one in four individuals falling victim to cyberattacks this year, according to a survey. Atlas VPN, an internet security firm, published these alarming statistics in a recent report, revealing that approximately 45 million patients’ data was compromised in the third […]

Over 106m health records exposed in Cybersecurity Incidents

In a recent survey conducted by Cybersecurity Firm Tenable, over 106 million healthcare records were exposed to hackers during the time of past 14 months. And analysis says that most of the records were leaked from the databases of organizations operating in the healthcare sector. Tenable’s Security Response Team says that in the past 2 […]

Facebook tries to defend its location data gathering activity of its users

Facebook (FB) has issued a blog statement yesterday defending the collection of location data of its respective users. The social media giant says that the data is being gathered for the benefit of its users as it tries to figure out details such as Wi-Fi point one uses mostly, friends with whom an FB user […]

Ransomware attack exposes data of 16K patients from Georgia health center

A Ransomware attack launched on the database of Mind and Motion Developmental Center in Georgia is said to have exposed over 16,000 patient records. A spokesperson from the healthcare said that the attack was discovered on Sept 30 this year but was made public only after a preliminary investigation was conducted and results were obtained. […]

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