Facebook tries to defend its location data gathering activity of its users


Facebook (FB) has issued a blog statement yesterday defending the collection of location data of its respective users. The social media giant says that the data is being gathered for the benefit of its users as it tries to figure out details such as Wi-Fi point one uses mostly, friends with whom an FB user chats regularly and where its users’ dining

The Mark Zuckerberg led company says that the information gathering is being done to improve its ads which are displayed to its users on a relevant note.

However, as there is a change in the privacy policy for Android and iOS users the Facebook (FB) has issued a public statement that users can opt-out of this feature if they are wary that this feature might affect their privacy standards.

Experts suggest that even if you keep the app away from recording your private info such as your precise location, there is no guarantee that the servers are carrying out their work as instructed.

For this reason, a US Federal Judge named Vince Chabria ordered for a nationwide probe and damage seeking lawsuit for letting third-party apps such as Cambridge Analytica access private data of users.

Meanwhile, FB seems to be getting ready to face a new set of allegations from those using Pregnancy and Period tracking apps.
We all know that in this age where everything is going digital, female users are showing a lot of interest in using fertility and pregnancy apps which provide insights to them for starting a family.

But a survey made by a UK based Charity Company named Privacy International alleges that all such apps including Maya and MIA Fem are found sharing data with FB for reasons. The shared data includes use of contraception methods, timings of their monthly periods, symptoms like swelling and cramps and some other sensitive info.

Britain based registered charity which screeches for privacy with the use of Modern technologies says that the data share could spell doom for female users as the information could get exposed to insurance companies who would rather decide to increase their premium or might make companies block their female employees from entering into leadership positions.

Joe Osborne, the spokesperson for Facebook denied the news as false and added that his company ad partners never have access to such sensitive health info.

Naveen Goud
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