Facebook ties up with Retailers for sharing user data

Facebook, touted as the world’s largest social networking site has recently made a business move by tying up with few well-known retailers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and London.   So, from now on the Mark Zuckerberg Company will keep a watch on its users while they make a physical purchase in shopping malls […]

Opening of Facebook app triggers iPhone Cameras

Facebook (FB) has launched an official probe over the speculations which are doing around that its application downloaded onto an iPhone is triggering the rear camera app without the knowledge/consent of users. As it is a sure invasion of its member’s privacy the company has launched a serious probe and will be issuing a fix […]

Facebook tries to defend its location data gathering activity of its users

Facebook (FB) has issued a blog statement yesterday defending the collection of location data of its respective users. The social media giant says that the data is being gathered for the benefit of its users as it tries to figure out details such as Wi-Fi point one uses mostly, friends with whom an FB user […]

Canada might ban Facebook in the region for breaching data privacy laws

The Canadian Data Watchdog has made it public that it might impose a ban on the operations carried over by Facebook (FB) in this region. The office of the Privacy Commissioner claims that the social media giant failed to keep up its public promise to mend its ways on handling its user data and addressing […]

Facebook Cyber Attack impacts 110,000 Australians

Facebook internal documents suggest that more than 110,000 Australians were impacted by a cyber attack launched in September last year on FB servers. The attack is said to have leaked personal info of more than 60,589 users from Australia giving access to details such as their movements, phone number, most recent check-ins, DOB, Education, work […]

Facebook shares user data with Google, Apple, and Microsoft without consent

Facebook(FB), well known as the world’s number one social networking website has been marred by controversies in this whole year. And the latest happens to be a media report from New York Times (NYT) which says that the Mark Zuckerberg led company has been sharing its user data with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple Inc and […]

Facebook bug exposes 7 million FB User photos to hackers

Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform has disclosed in this weekend that a bug in one of its photo databases has exposed 7 million photos of FB users to the outside world-possible to hackers. Thus, with the latest data exposure, Facebook seems to have controversially broken down again for the 3rd time this […]

Facebook trolled for asking users for bare photos

In an attempt to clean up its reputation from the recently discovered Cambridge Analytica Data scandal, Facebook (FB) is said to be requesting its users to send their bare photos to keep them safe from prying eyes and revenge P$#n. As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Facebook is nowadays seen using the […]

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