Canada might ban Facebook in the region for breaching data privacy laws


The Canadian Data Watchdog has made it public that it might impose a ban on the operations carried over by Facebook (FB) in this region. The office of the Privacy Commissioner claims that the social media giant failed to keep up its public promise to mend its ways on handling its user data and addressing privacy concerns.

Daniel Therrien, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said that the law doesn’t allow the governing agency to levy a financial penalty on the Mark Zuckerberg led company due to various concerns. But the Watchdog does have the right to take stringent action against the world’s leading social networking firm if it fails to mend its ways in handling data which it collects for users.

Mr. Therrien said that Facebook is refusing to act responsibly and sign a 5- year contract where it has to assure to submit audit reports on data privacy policies which it practices in its data centers- with regards to handling user data.

“If this continues, then we have taken stringent action against the operations carried out by the service provider in our region”, says Daniel Therrien.

Facebook is showing a lack of responsibility in handling people’s info and that means that the data is suspected to be exposed to potential harms.

Early this month, Canadian Democratic Institutions Minister- Karina Gould has issued a public statement that the government is thinking to regulate social media companies along with Facebook.

So, if FB fails to cooperate, then there is a high probability that a ban on its services can be imposed in Canada soon.

Although there is no official word from FB on the statement of Canadian Watchdog, a source familiar with the developments said that Zuckerberg’s company has/will always cooperate with the national governments to conduct its operations in the region smoothly.

Naveen Goud
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