Canada govt websites disrupted by Cyber Attacks from India

Numerous government websites in Canada experienced performance issues and error messages due to a cyber-attack orchestrated by the India Cyber Force. Federal intelligence agencies have expressed concerns that these attacks could escalate in severity over the upcoming weeks, coinciding with escalating tensions between the Trudeau and Modi administrations. The genesis of this conflict can be […]

Most of the cyber attacks in Canada are ransomware genre

According to a study conducted by Blake, Cassels Graydon LLP, most of the cyber attacks that were targeted on Canadian companies were of ransomware genre and alarmingly there was an increase in frequency and complexity of attacks. Coming to ransomware payments, there was a 25% increase in such attacks exceeding USD $1 million on average. […]

Cyber Attack on Canada Foreign Affairs department

Canada’s Global Affairs department has suffered a cyber attack that disrupted its operations to the core and information is out that Russia is being suspected behind the attack. Office of the CIO and Shared Services Canada issued a formal statement that the digital disruption of several government websites was caused because of a cyber attack […]

Cyber Threat forces Canada to shut down 4000 government websites

Can you believe that an unverified cyber threat has forced the Quebec government to shut over 4000 of its websites, all as a preventive measure to avoid extreme cyber troubles? This has happened in practical and was confirmed by Eric Caire, Quebec’s Digital Transformation Minister at a media briefing on Monday. Going deep into the […]

Canada man arrested for launching malware attacks on United States

In a joint operation conducted by Ontario Provisional Police (OPP) in coordination with US FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), an Ottawa based person was arrested for launching sophisticated ransomware and espionage related malware attacks on governments, businesses and individuals based in Canada and United States. As per the details available to our Cybersecurity […]

Health Care Sector facing Identity theft threat in Canada Provinces

Canada Province’s Privacy Commissioner has issued a statement that the healthcare sector in the region was facing immense threats related to identity theft. So, John Haggie, serving as the Province’s Health Minister, expressed his solicitude that there is a high potential that data related to 1000s of patients and healthcare staff could have been compromised […]

Cyber threat to Canada from its adversary nations

Canada has termed 4 nations as the greatest strategic threats to it as they are seen indulging in stealing intellectual data, downing critical infrastructure and influencing political events such as national elections. And the four nations are Russia, Iran, North Korea and China- the same nations are on the adversaries list of North America as […]

Ransomware attack on Canada public transport agency

Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a public transport agency in Canada has disclosed that its digital systems are down due to a ransomware attack and so its website will remain inaccessible to users for some days.      A message posted on the official website states that STM was hit by a file-encrypting malware […]

COVID-19 Cyber Attacks surge in Canada

While the entire world is busy in containing the spread of Corona Virus Pandemic, over 70% of Canadian IT workers say that their businesses have suffered at least one COVID-19 themed cyber attack in the past six months. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has disclosed in its ‘2020 Cybersecurity Report’ the experiences of over 500 […]

Data leak of Royal Military College of Canada

From the past two days a data leak is doing rounds on the dark web and the information seems to be related to Royal Military College (RMC) in Canada. Highly placed sources say that the leaked info truly belongs to the RMC, as the servers of the institution were breached in early July this year. […]

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