Health Care Sector facing Identity theft threat in Canada Provinces

Canada Province’s Privacy Commissioner has issued a statement that the healthcare sector in the region was facing immense threats related to identity theft. So, John Haggie, serving as the Province’s Health Minister, expressed his solicitude that there is a high potential that data related to 1000s of patients and healthcare staff could have been compromised […]

Cyber threat to Canada from its adversary nations

Canada has termed 4 nations as the greatest strategic threats to it as they are seen indulging in stealing intellectual data, downing critical infrastructure and influencing political events such as national elections. And the four nations are Russia, Iran, North Korea and China- the same nations are on the adversaries list of North America as […]

Ransomware attack on Canada public transport agency

Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a public transport agency in Canada has disclosed that its digital systems are down due to a ransomware attack and so its website will remain inaccessible to users for some days.      A message posted on the official website states that STM was hit by a file-encrypting malware […]

COVID-19 Cyber Attacks surge in Canada

While the entire world is busy in containing the spread of Corona Virus Pandemic, over 70% of Canadian IT workers say that their businesses have suffered at least one COVID-19 themed cyber attack in the past six months. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has disclosed in its ‘2020 Cybersecurity Report’ the experiences of over 500 […]

Data leak of Royal Military College of Canada

From the past two days a data leak is doing rounds on the dark web and the information seems to be related to Royal Military College (RMC) in Canada. Highly placed sources say that the leaked info truly belongs to the RMC, as the servers of the institution were breached in early July this year. […]

Tens of Thousands of government accounts hacked in Canada

Tens of 1000s of online government accounts belonging to Canada’s GCKey services were hacked in July this year. And that includes those belonging to Canada’s Revenue Services, The Treasury Board of Canada and 30 other federal departments. Reports are in that a joint investigation taken up by Canadian government along with the law enforcement agencies […]

Beware of this COVID alert app of Canada filled with Ransomware

As more and more countries are depending on smartphones based technologies and artificial intelligence to contain the spread of COVID 19 pandemic, the government of Canada has also announced that it is soon going to release a COVID Alert app which will help in tracking coronavirus patients easy.   But before anything concrete could emerge […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Canada’s Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) is believed to have become a victim of ransomware attack recently, triggering the authorities to shut down their email systems and some essential services to contain the incident and neutralize the repercussions. Noel Boykin, the President & CEO of NTPC confirmed the incident and added that government entities, financial […]

Canada Govt to offer Cybersecurity for Teleworkers during COVID 19 Pandemic

To all those public and private employees in Canada who are working from home, due to Corona Virus spread crisis, here some good news. A Canada spy agency is all set to use its huge database of cyber threats to protect employees who are working from home to keep their critical office IT operations free […]

Ransomware Attack on Canada Accounting Firm MNP

MNP LLP, a leading accounting firm in Canada has admitted that it became a victim of a Ransomware cyber-attack which it identified on April 5th, 2020, forcing the officials to shut down the systems to contain the malware spread. All MNP employees have been asked via mobile text messages to bring their own computing devices […]

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