Ransomware attack on Stratford City Hall

While the world is mourning over the fire accident which gutted the renowned Paris monument Notre Dame to ashes, the news is out that hackers targeted the Stratford City hall with a ransomware attack on Sunday last week. Dan Mathieson, the Stratford City Mayor confirmed that the cyber crooks have attacked the database of the […]

Cyber Threat alert for Canada October Elections

As governments around the world are getting immensely concerned about the probability of cyber threats hitting their critical infrastructure, Canada’s electronic spying agency has issued a cyber threat alert that its elections which are to be held in October this year might fall prey to cyber attacks. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) says that a […]

APT Lucky Mouse Group targets Canada ICAO via Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack news is out that a hackers group named APT Lucky Mouse has targeted Canada’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2016. Highly placed sources say that the attack was of a watering-hole genre and could represent a significant threat to the aviation industry. Cybersecurity Insiders learned that the attack was identified in November […]

Data of 14.8 million 500px users leaked in 2018

Canada based online photography community ‘500px’ has disclosed on Wednesday that its users have to reset their passwords due to a data leak which took place last year. The online photographic firm says that hackers gained access to partial user data from July 5th last year and could have accessed sensitive info such as usernames, […]

Canada’s Coast Capital Savings becomes a victim of Cyber Attack

Surrey-based Coast Capital Savings was subjected to a cyber attack recently and news is out that the hackers managed to siphon thousands of dollars from accounts of more than 140 members in between November and December last year. Though the total amount stolen is yet to be known, highly placed sources say that each member […]

Huawei is a spy agency of the Chinese Communist Party

While China is busy refuting rumors that it launched cyber attacks on UK, US, and Canada, new speculation has emerged that the Huawei is a spy agency operating for Chinese Communist Party-as the smartphone maker wants to dominate the 21st century with its tech. Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here […]

China blamed for Cyber Attacks on US, UK, Europe, and Canada

All these days Russia and its intelligence services were blamed for launching cyber attacks on the digital infrastructure of private and public entities operating in the West. But now, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has blamed Chinese secret services for initiating sustained cyber attacks on the west to steal business secrets and to generate political […]

Satellites of Canadian military operations are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

An internal defense ministry’s note forwarded to Canadian government states that Satellites used for Canadian military operations are vulnerable to cyber attacks or even direct missile attacks. The alert clearly specifies that some foreign nations such as China and Russia are showing a lot of interest in waging technological attacks in order to create communication […]

Ransomware Attack on Canadian Restaurant ‘Recipe Unlimited’

Canadian Restaurant ‘Recipe Unlimited’ has disclosed that its servers have been attacked by hackers with ransomware and so 700 of its restaurants have been closed due to the computer network disruption. Although the restaurant head denies the claim, a source reporting from CBC News has confirmed that the disruption of Cara Operations (now Recipe Unlimited) […]

Canadian town Midland hit by Ransomware Attack

The Town of Midland, located in Ontario, Canada is reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack. According to a press release issued by the town officials the incident is said to have taken place on early hours of Saturday i.e. Sept 1st, 2018 when hackers succeeded in accessing the network to infect the […]

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