Identity Theft

Stay Safe This Tax Season: Fake Tax Apps Pushing Malware on the Rise

[By: Krishna Vishnubhotla, Vice President Product Strategy, Zimperium] Tax Day is just around the corner and it is vital for individuals and businesses to be hypervigilant of the tax apps we choose as there has been a significant rise in fake tax apps pushing malware. To keep your personal and financial information safe, these apps […]

Ransomware attack leads to identity theft of an Oakland Man

In recent times, we’ve been inundated with countless stories about ransomware attacks and the extortion demands posed by cyber-criminals. However, a new facet of cyber-crime has emerged, taking the form of a twist in the aftermath of a ransomware assault on a government network. A resident of Oakland, Dedrick Warmack, has come forward, alleging that […]

Men are more hit by Identity Thefts than Women

While the entire world is speaking about gender equality in every work-field, we observe things to be going contrarily in the world of cyber security. According to a research, Men are twice as likely to be targeted by Identity Theft attacks as Women, as the latter seem to be more cautious while making their personal […]

Health Care Sector facing Identity theft threat in Canada Provinces

Canada Province’s Privacy Commissioner has issued a statement that the healthcare sector in the region was facing immense threats related to identity theft. So, John Haggie, serving as the Province’s Health Minister, expressed his solicitude that there is a high potential that data related to 1000s of patients and healthcare staff could have been compromised […]

Second Hand and Discarded Devices Lead to Identity Theft

A new study was just released by the National Association for Information Destruction. What did it find? Astonishingly, about 40% of all digital devices that are found on the second-hand market had personal information left on them. These include tablets, mobile phones, and hard drives. The market for second hand items is large, and it’s […]

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