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US Government warns against recruiting Information Technology workers from China, North Korea and Russia

United States government has issued a warning against recruitment of IT workers from countries like China, North Korea and Russia. The reason is that the Biden led government suspects such recruitments might turn dangerous to the national infrastructure. As of now, an executive order to not recruit people from Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is […]

Russia facing severe IT crisis with data storage, cyber security and other software issues

With strict sanctions placed on Russia, crisis related to Information Technology are rising in the Putin governed region. Highly placed sources report that the issue started when many of the American cloud service providers suspended their business in the said region and the list includes companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and some other firms related […]

Top IT Areas You Need to Check to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

Today, technological advances have seen a rise in cyber security threats globally. Large corporations, small businesses, and even individuals suffer from numerous attacks from cybercriminals. Even with high-level security measures, no one is safe from such threats. That is why most companies hire professional information security services to mitigate the risks arising from data breaches. […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. Already have a background in IT? Here are three tips for moving toward a more security-focused role. Take a cue from Goldilocks: Go after the industry certification that’s “just right.” This entails pursuing a credential that helps augment technical skills with security practices. Many choose the SSCP for […]

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