Russia facing severe IT crisis with data storage, cyber security and other software issues


With strict sanctions placed on Russia, crisis related to Information Technology are rising in the Putin governed region. Highly placed sources report that the issue started when many of the American cloud service providers suspended their business in the said region and the list includes companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and some other firms related to Cybersecurity field.

Thus, a new headache is waiting to pinch the Russian leader in coming days, apart from the ongoing crisis related to the Ukraine war-as the nation is facing stiff retaliation from Ukrainian forces.

One of the immediate crises that shooting up on priority basis is a data storage disaster.

According to a report released by Kommersant, a high-tech meeting was held by the Ministry of Digital Transformation on this note and was attended by Oxygen, Rostelecom, Atom Data, Croc, Yandex and Sberbank.

It was decided in the meeting that the IT infrastructure left out by the moved out companies will be used by companies on priority and other issues will be sorted out later.

Information is out that local cloud storage service providers run by MegaFon, MTS TenFold, and VK witnessed a 60% sales hike in the past 7-9 days and more surge in business is expected to rise in a week or two.

Russia has apparently raised the capacity in its data centers by next month and a proposal to establish new ones is also in consideration.

Software crisis related to Microsoft can be easily averted; as Russia has been pushing it’s in-house developed software for the past two years and most of the government firms have already installed the software as a precautionary measure to counter such situations.

Now, the problem is with the hardware suppliers say the manufacturing sector of technology products.

In order to run a data center, security software, related hardware is needed. And companies manufacturing such components from Korea, Singapore, UK, America, and Israel have already expressed their inability to supply the components because of sanctions put forward by Joe Biden.

Therefore, a big trouble is waiting ahead for Vladimir Putin!

Note- Chinese tech firms will see a great business opportunity currently as they are interested in supplying required equipment to Russia, especially in telecom sector. As in 2019, Moscow announced it will roll out 5G network services in its region, way ahead of US and other EU countries.


Naveen Goud
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