Intel hacks its own processors

Intel has launched a dedicated team of hackers whose job is to hack into the processors developed by the company, thus paving way to any critical vulnerabilities that hackers can later exploit. Dubbed as iStare researchers and launched in 2016, the team of around 20 ethical hackers are designated to do the job of attacking […]

Intel enters Crypto mining market and to fuel more ransomware attacks

Intel has entered the crypto mining market by launching a low power consuming silicon wafer that is aimed at those who make money through Crypto Mining. Dubbed as ‘Bonanza Mine’ Chip and to be beta launched in February this year, Intel aims to disrupt the Bitcoin mining has rates with its new product. Intel Bonanza […]

Intel Processors to recognize ransomware attacks at hardware level

Intel, an American company that offers silicon processors to be used in Computers has unveiled a new series of CPUs that will have a Hardware Shield and TDT features that can detect ransomware attacks at hardware level- much below the anti-virus software. Dubbed as 11th Generation Intel Core vPro CPUs, the newly developed silicon wafers […]

Intel to acquire AI Transit startup Moovit for $1 Billion

Intel Corporation has publicly announced that it is going to acquire AI-powered transit startup Moovit for $900m($1 billion appx). Thus with this deal, the American Chip giant is intending to develop the technology developed by Moovit to the level of Google Maps with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.   Although Moovit […]

Apple acquires Intel Smartphone Modem business for 5G

In Feb this year, there were rumors that Apple is all set to acquire a business unit of Intel to strengthen its stand on 5G network transformations around the world. And as speculated, Apple Inc made an official announcement early today which states that it has acquired Intel’s Smartphone Modem business for $1 billion. If […]

Google Mobile Security alert for Huawei users

Huawei phone users across the world are hereby informed that Google has chosen to suspend the transfer of proprietary hardware and software to the Chinese vendor from now-on resulting in the suspension of future support to Google apps and all future operating system updates on the said devices. Technically it means that the phone company […]

Intel ZombieLoad vulnerability might expose sensitive data like passwords to hackers

Intel has made an official announcement that all those processors manufactured by the company after 2011 are now vulnerable to ZombieLoad flaw which can expose sensitive data like passwords to hackers- similar to the ones seen in Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities. As per the security analysts, ZombieLoad flaw is critical and operates by exploiting design […]

Intel invests in Cloud Security and data storage startups

Intel Capital, a business arm of Intel Corporation has made it official that it is investing in startups called Fortanix and Pliops to strengthen and secure its standing in Cloud Computing and Security fields. CyberSecurity Insiders has learned that Intel will be investing around $23 million in raising the funding of Fortanix to $31 million […]

Facebook working with Intel on AI Chips

Facebook, the world’s leading social networking giant is said to be working on AI chips in association with renowned silicon wafer manufacturing company Intel. The plan is to launch a silicon chip which has the ability to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work and tag friends in Facebook photos in an automated note. As Intel […]

Intel Corp drafts data privacy bill for the United States

Intel Corp, the world-renowned silicon chip maker of America has taken the privilege of drafting a data privacy bill for the populace of United States. Moreover, the chipmaker expects a sponsorship for the bill from Congress that would shield companies from paying heavy penalties during cyber attacks-provided they attest to the US Fed Trade Commission […]

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