President Donald Trump to shut down the internet to Russia

Well, this is what is being discussed on some of the technology forums such as Reddit right now. The news is out that Russia is preparing a simulatory cyber attack on its own nation in order to protect the national network from a potential cyber war with the US that could see President Donald Trump […]

Trump might start his own Internet

US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to start his own ‘World Wide Web’ network to counter misinformation (according to him) or fake news spread by CNN on International Level. Mr. Trump expressed his desire to do so via Twitter on Monday which goes on as follows- CNN has a powerful voice portraying the […]

US is yet to sign the Internet Security accord of ‘Paris Call’

France President Emmanuel Macron has urged all nations around the globe to support “Paris Call” which is supposed to be a common framework for ensuring internet security, following a surge in cyber attacks on government networks around the globe.The objective of the proposed agreement is to relaunch negotiations on the code of good conduct which […]

Global Internet Shutdown to avoid future Cyber Attacks

A Global Internet Shutdown is said to be observed in the next two days due to a routine domain name server maintenance. And what’s interesting about this update is that it was first issued to the world by a reputed news source from Russia. Russia Today announced that some parts of the world might witness […]

New Internet startup to offer more Data Privacy controls

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web is all set to unveil a ‘New Internet’ which promises to give users full control on the data they share with other internet services providers like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Inrupt, an app based web search system will allow users to regulate what personal info they would […]

Russia creates its own Domain Name System Internet

Russia which is being led by Vladimir Putin for the 4th time has announced that it has almost completed the creation of an alternative to “Domain Name System” AKA DNS. In technical terms, DNS is nothing but a phone book which converts numerical IP addresses into readable text like and The implementation date […]

Lack of IT staff making companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Are you concerned about the ongoing threats in cyberspace…? And are you interested in isolating your company’s digital assets from cyber attacks? Then you better hire a cybersecurity professional/s who will help you in doing so. According to a survey conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy, “2-Sec” lack of IT staff is leaving companies exposed to […]

Russia plans ‘Independent Internet’ by 2018 to launch its own Cyber Attacks

Russian Security Council met in October this year to plan for an “Independent Internet” by 2018 to protect it from global internet disruptions. However, security experts say that this plan could make it easier for the nation to launch its own attacks. A briefing on this issue says that the new internet will cover BRICS […]

Cisco warns all global firms against destruction of service (DeOS) Cyber Attack

Cisco, which offers networking solutions to the corporate world, has issued a new warning to all globally located firms against a new wave of cyber attack, described as “Destruction of Service” (DeOS). The multi-technology conglomerate of America feels that cyber attacks of the said variant could eliminate organizations backups and safety nets meant for business […]

Cisco predicts that future cyber attacks could have potential to destroy the Internet!

Cisco researchers predict that some countries might launch cyber attacks having the potential to destroy entire internet. The networking giant predicts that Russia already has such systems in place which can make countries suffer internet disruption for weeks and in some cases months. Therefore, Cisco through its 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report predicts that future cyber […]

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