US hacker claims to have downed the internet of North Korea

A hacker from United States named P4x has admitted that he took down the internet of North Korea last week by launching a distributed denial of service attack on the central DNS servers of the country.

The denial of service attack launched by P4x was retaliation for the digital attack made on him or the US government by Pyongyang’s DPK hackers.

Reports are in that the attack might have been funded by American intelligence in order to punish the Kim Jong Un nation for testing missiles from September 2021.

To those uninitiated, most of the websites in North Korea were down after a digital disruption caused by P4x and that includes web portals related to Air Koryo, Naenara, and the website linked to the Communist Party led by Mr. Kim.

Security experts feel that the cyber attack launched by the US based hacker could have a backup of expertise from the Joe Biden led administration, as causing disruption to the critical infrastructure of an adversary nation is not that easy for a budding hacker.

P4x claimed that most of the IT infrastructure operating in North Korea was obsolete and so that made him exploit the vulnerabilities to down the infrastructure within no time.

According to United Nations, over 35 countries have been targeted by hackers from Pyongyang till date and the principal motive behind the attacks is to fund the nuclear ambitions of Kim Jong Un by stealing money from financial institutions like banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Note- On February 2nd,2022, Kim appeared specially on a white horse galloping in the forest and captured on the camera lens for a short film on the occasion of Lunar New Year. And for the first time in the history of KCTV- the official media platform of the Kim Jong government, his wife Ri Sol Ju and his aunt Kim Kyong Hui appeared beside him at the theatre event to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong II yesterday. Kim Kyong was thought to have died following an execution by her narrow-minded husband, Jang Song Thaek, 6 years ago.

Naveen Goud
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