North Korea

North Korea Kumsong 121 launching Mobile Smishing Cyber Attacks

All these days, we have seen email phishing attacks where cyber crooks seen sending malicious links through emails to trap online victims. But now, a North Korea-based hacking group dubbed Kumsong 121 was found using social media to attack smart phone users using Android platform. EST Security related researchers recently uncovered a massive cyber attack […]

South Korea Nuclear Research data digitally stolen by North Korean Hackers

Nuclear research data from a South Korean organization is suspected to have been stolen by a hacker’s gang from North Korea. And reports are in that the information steal might be attributed to a cyber crooks group hailing from Pyeongyang dubbed as APT Group Kimsuky.   Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the nuclear facility that […]

North Korea offers school for hackers to train minds as young as 10

All these days we have heard stories that North Korea was launching cyber attacks on its adversaries to steal digital currency to fulfill the nuclear ambitions of leader Kim Jong Un. Now, news is out that the country is training hackers as young as 10 to become the country’s future cyber warriors. Kim is picking […]

Survey expects an increase in Cyber Attacks from North Korea

A survey taken up by CrowdStrike has confirmed that there would probably be an increase in cyber attacks from North Korea as the nation is struggling with economic crisis and food shortage in the nation because of the corona-virus pandemic. The CrowdStrike 2021 Global Threat Report also confirmed that the Kim Jong Un nation is […]

United States charges 3 North Koreans for Global Cyber Attacks

The United States Department of Justice has charged 3 North Korean for allegedly launching cyber attacks on many of the banking and cryptocurrency networks operating across the world. All the three have admitted the crime of committing computer fraud by indulging in wire transfers and bank transactions by fraudulent means in countries like Vietnam, Philippines, […]

UN confirms nuclear ambitions being fulfilled by Cyber Attacks

All these days there were speculations that North Korea is funding its nuclear ambitions with cyber attacks. But experts from United Nations have confirmed this news this week and came to an estimation that the Kim Jung UN led nation could have gathered over USD 316.4 million between November’ 2019- 2020 alone. A panel of […]

Google uncovers North Korea espionage campaign

Google has blamed a North Korean group for posing as security bloggers and launching espionage campaign on American Cybersecurity Community. The attacks were discovered when Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered some hackers were trying to steal classical data by creating fake social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Such attacks can be serious says Adam […]

US Intelligence warns against Cyber Attacks on Banks from North Korea

North Korea’s noted hacking group ‘The BeagleBoyz’ seems to have set its eyes on all the bank ATMs operating in United States and across the world as the US Intelligence agencies have warned that the 2015 founded hacking group has turned highly active in recent times. Released as ‘Substantial Activity Report’, the warning released by […]

North Korea Cyber Attacks Israel with a fake LinkedIn Profile  

In an astonishing statement released by Israel Ministry of Defense yesterday, the country’s IT infrastructure functioning for the defense sector was targeted by a cyber attack that could have brought the entire nation to knees. However, the good news is that that defense ministry’s threat monitoring teams were proactively prepared to thwart such attacks in […]

Kaspersky confirms North Korea for launching two ransomware attacks this year

Security researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered that the North Korean Hackers group dubbed ‘Lazarus’ that launched WannaCry Ransomware Attack in 2017 was behind the launch of two other ransomware attacks in this year involving VHD Ransomware strain. Kaspersky says that the attackers from Lazarus group could use sophisticated tools to launch more cyber attacks […]

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