North Korea

North Korea steals $1.3 billion worth of digital currency

According to a secret mission launched by South Korean Spy Agency ‘The National Intelligence Service (NIS)’ North Korea hackers have so far managed to siphon $1.2 billion worth digital currency with a large amount($686 million) stolen in the current year i.e. 2022. NIS anticipates that the year 2023 will witness more such attacks from Kim […]

United States offers $5 million rewards for Information on Cyber Attacks launched by North Korea

For the past 3-4 years, North Korea has been funding Kim Jong’s Nuclear ambition by launching cyber attacks leading to data breaches, stealing cryptocurrencies from exchanges and individual wallets, selling illegal arms to internationally acclaimed criminals such as terrorists, and conducting money laundering crime. In order to put a full stop to all such crimes, […]

US Government warns against recruiting Information Technology workers from China, North Korea and Russia

United States government has issued a warning against recruitment of IT workers from countries like China, North Korea and Russia. The reason is that the Biden led government suspects such recruitments might turn dangerous to the national infrastructure. As of now, an executive order to not recruit people from Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is […]

North Korea hackers sending Corona Vaccine related phishing emails

The relationship between North Korea and South Korea is not on good terms for the past few years and that’s probably because of the notorious mind and actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Fresh reports are in that a hacking group possibly funded by North Korea Intelligence has been strategically targeting South Korean citizens […]

US hacker claims to have downed the internet of North Korea

A hacker from United States named P4x has admitted that he took down the internet of North Korea last week by launching a distributed denial of service attack on the central DNS servers of the country. The denial of service attack launched by P4x was retaliation for the digital attack made on him or the […]

DDoS Cyber Attack downs internet in North Korea

A distributed denial of service attack, fondly known as DDoS, has reportedly hit North Korea in early hours of Wednesday, bringing down whole of the connectivity to a near halt. South Korea launched the attack in retaliation for the Kim Jong Un’s fifth missile test conducted a few days ago. “Nearly all the web and […]

North Korea steals $400m cryptocurrency through Cyber Attacks

North Korea, the nation that is being led by Kim Jong UN is back into news headlines for stealing cryptocurrency worth millions through cyber attacks. According to the analysis made by chainalysis, a blockchain firm, the said nation stole $400m worth of cryptocurrency last year by launching digital attacks on various cryptocurrency platforms and by […]

Lazarus Group North Korea strikes South Korean software firm

Lazarus hacking group aka APT group from North Korea has hit the news headlines for launching a supply chain attack on a software company operating in lines with US Technology firms SolarWinds and Kaseya firms. Cybersecurity Insiders have learnt that the said group of threat actors have launched a MATA malware attack on the servers […]

North Korea Kumsong 121 launching Mobile Smishing Cyber Attacks

All these days, we have seen email phishing attacks where cyber crooks seen sending malicious links through emails to trap online victims. But now, a North Korea-based hacking group dubbed Kumsong 121 was found using social media to attack smart phone users using Android platform. EST Security related researchers recently uncovered a massive cyber attack […]

South Korea Nuclear Research data digitally stolen by North Korean Hackers

Nuclear research data from a South Korean organization is suspected to have been stolen by a hacker’s gang from North Korea. And reports are in that the information steal might be attributed to a cyber crooks group hailing from Pyeongyang dubbed as APT Group Kimsuky.   Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the nuclear facility that […]

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