Kim Jong Un

US hacker claims to have downed the internet of North Korea

A hacker from United States named P4x has admitted that he took down the internet of North Korea last week by launching a distributed denial of service attack on the central DNS servers of the country. The denial of service attack launched by P4x was retaliation for the digital attack made on him or the […]

Two Chinese nationals indicted by the US for North Korea Cyber Attack

US Justice Department has indicted two nationals from China in relation to the billions of laundering in relation to the Pyongyang Weapons program. Therefore, the indictment stands as the first legal order against Kim Jong UN-led nation who is known to launch cyber attacks on banks and cryptocurrency outlets operating worldwide to fund his nuclear […]

North Korea’s dangerous weapon is Cyber Attacks and not Nukes

As US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong UN in Hanoi, Vietnam this week, the world expected a peace between the two leaders. Though all seems to be well as of now, they are high-level chances that things might turn bitter after a few days of the meeting. Remember, this was the […]

US to sue North Korea for Wannacry and Sony Cyber Attacks

United States Department of Justice has decided to indict a North Korean with dual- charges of spreading WannaCry Ransomware attack around the world and cyber attacking the database of Sony Corp in 2014. The plan of US behind this accuse is to name & shame the alleged perpetrators so that countries like Russia, China and […]

UK decides to name and shame Countries which are behind cyber attacks

The United Kingdom has finally decided to name and shame all those countries which are trying to launch or have launched cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure. The names include Russia, North Korea, and other states which are alleged to be behind the cyber assaults on Britain’s infrastructure on a previous note. UK’s Attorney General […]

North Korea to launch global Cyber Attacks via ‘Operation GhostSecret’

A research carried out by ‘McAfee’ states that North Korea is in an intention to launch global cyber attacks of severe scale via Operation Ghost Secret. The research said that the attack campaign has targeted 17 countries so far including the United States and has focused on stealing military secrets and cyber provocations. McAfee LLC […]

Britain and US jointly vow to fight back Russian Cyber Attacks

The Military and Intelligence Chiefs of the United States and Britain have officially declared that they will work together to take on the cyber threats posed by enemies like Putin’s Russia and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Issuing a public statement on this note on Sunday, the leaders of GCHQ and the UK’s Joint Forces […]

Russia launched cyber attack on 2018 Winter Olympics says the United States

United States top news resource ‘The Washington Post’ published a post on Sunday which alleges Russian Military spies for cyber attacking the opening ceremony of 2018 Winter Olympics which were held in South Korea. The post says that the spies did so by making it appear as an intrusion conducted by North Korea. The Washington […]

McAfee confirms cyber attacks on 2018 Winter Olympics!

It is a known fact that South Korea is holding 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County’s Olympic Stadium (Winter Olympics 2018 venue) between Feb 9th to Feb 25th of this year. We also know that it has recently made a peace treaty with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to spare its sporting event from […]

Britain is extremely vulnerable to Category One Cyber Attacks!

UK’s Intelligence Chief Ciaran Martin has expressed his concern over his country’s exposure to ‘Category One’ (C1) cyber attacks which could disrupt critical infrastructures such as power grids and those serving banking sector. In an interview to ‘The Guardian’ the Chief Executive Officer of the Country’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said “ I think […]

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