Two Chinese nationals indicted by the US for North Korea Cyber Attack


US Justice Department has indicted two nationals from China in relation to the billions of laundering in relation to the Pyongyang Weapons program. Therefore, the indictment stands as the first legal order against Kim Jong UN-led nation who is known to launch cyber attacks on banks and cryptocurrency outlets operating worldwide to fund his nuclear weapons visionary.


According to the Justice Department’s media update available from Monday, hackers hailing from North Korea launched a cyber attack on virtual currency exchange and stole over $250 million. They then used multiple laundering methods in order to disguise the origin of the stolen virtual currency.


In relation to the case, two Chinese nationals named Tian Yinyin and Li Jiadong who were working as team members in the money laundering case were found guilty. As they were caught laundering victual currency worth $100m to over 116 digital currency accounts and addresses.


US Justice Department on receiving an update from the US Treasury suspects that the two Chinese nationals were part of a Lazarus Group which is a state-funded hacking unit working for the interests of Kim Jong-UN.


As the culprits are not in US custody, the case has been referred to the Interpol for tracking down the suspects for arrests.


Note– Lazarus Group is the same hacking unit that was behind the server hack in India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant.

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