US to sue North Korea for Wannacry and Sony Cyber Attacks

United States Department of Justice has decided to indict a North Korean with dual- charges of spreading WannaCry Ransomware attack around the world and cyber attacking the database of Sony Corp in 2014.

The plan of US behind this accuse is to name & shame the alleged perpetrators so that countries like Russia, China and Iran can take a cue and drop their future plans to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of the United States such as power stations, nuclear plants, and water facilities.

Security analysts say that such kind of accusals by government authorities can help in preventing future cyber attacks on government assets by US cyber adversaries.

However, some political analysts say that it can also trigger new tension between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump.

As per the scribes of Cybersecurity Insiders, Pak Jin Hyok is the man facing the accusations from the US Justice Department Officials. He worked for North Korea’s Military Intelligence till 2017 and was behind the 2014 Cyber Attack on Sony Pictures and the spread of Wannacry Ransomware in May 2017.

Note 1-Wannacry cyber attack crippled almost 250,000 PCs around the world and paralyzed over 30% of hospitals in the United Kingdom. The attack cost billions of loss to many businesses and government organizations like NHS.

Note 2- North Korea launched an attack on the database of Sony Pictures in 2014. The attack was launched in retaliation to the Media and Entertainment company’s funding for a comedy serial titled “The Interview” where CIA plots the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Note 3- ABC News was the first source to report the latest on this issue.

Naveen Goud
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