Over 12k Indian Govt websites disrupted due to cyber-attack from Indonesia

Cyber attacks on public websites have become an increasing concern for governments across the world, and this article is related to one such news. An Indonesian hackers’ group claimed on the dark web that they are responsible for cyber attacks launched on over 12,000 Indian websites, and more will follow in the coming days. After […]

Russian Construction and Housing website hacked for war on Ukraine

Russia started a war in Ukraine in the early hours of February 24th,2022, and even after 100 days of the invasion, the country could not get a complete hold of the entire region. On one hand, Putin’s led nation is facing a fund, ammunition, and manpower crunch on the other, it is also facing cyber […]

Massive DDoS attack on Israel government websites

Government websites in Israel were targeted by a massive cyberattack that seems to be a DDoS variant. The online services that were taken down include Prime Minister’s office and its interior, health, justice, and welfare ministries. Writing some details about the cyber incident on Twitter, the Israel National Cyber Directorate confirmed that a distributed denial-of-service […]

US hacker claims to have downed the internet of North Korea

A hacker from United States named P4x has admitted that he took down the internet of North Korea last week by launching a distributed denial of service attack on the central DNS servers of the country. The denial of service attack launched by P4x was retaliation for the digital attack made on him or the […]

Russian cyber attack on Ukraine downs government websites

A few hours ago, Ukraine government’s critical websites were hit by a cyber attack, blocking access to thousands of users from the past 6 hours. Reports are in that the most affected were the embassy websites belonging to UK, US and Swedish operating in Ukraine pointing the suspicion finger towards Russia. From the past 5-6 […]

Massive Iran Cyber Attack on Israeli Websites

Operations of over a thousand websites or even more could have been disrupted in Israel due to a coordinated cyberattack launched by Iranian hackers on Thursday morning. And the highlight of this attack was that the home page of most of these websites was replaced with the following messages posted in English and the Hebrew […]

Websites that sell personal data

Nowadays, as more and more people are getting addicted to the digital world, the concern for data privacy is rising. Adding to this concern is the speculations which say that the online privacy of users is being breached by certain website owners who sell info to companies or the threat actors to make money. You […]

Over 2K of Media, Government and TV station websites hacked in Georgia

More than 2,000 websites are reported to be hacked in Georgia in a massive cyberattack launched late yesterday. And security analysts suggest that it was a sophisticated attack made on web hosting provider Pro-Service which led to the disruption. Highly placed sources say that the shutdown websites include those related to government agencies, Media and […]

Google exposes Apple iPhones getting infected by Website Spyware

Google Project Zero security researchers have discovered recently that some websites were infecting Apple iPhones with spyware from the past two years. And the tech giant identified the vulnerability in Feb this year and offered a security patch along with the FaceTime eavesdropping bug susceptibility. Security analysts say that those who visited the malicious websites […]

Finland starts probing cyber attacks launched on its government websites

Finland government has joined forces with UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) to investigate the recent cyber-attacks which took place on state-run public service websites in the country this August. Among the attacks, the most serious were those which targeted National Police Service and other public websites. Thus, the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) of […]

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