Massive DDoS attack on Israel government websites


Government websites in Israel were targeted by a massive cyberattack that seems to be a DDoS variant. The online services that were taken down include Prime Minister’s office and its interior, health, justice, and welfare ministries.

Writing some details about the cyber incident on Twitter, the Israel National Cyber Directorate confirmed that a distributed denial-of-service attack struck a national communication services provider that led to the disruption of services on various government-backed web portals.

The good news is that the whole of the downed websites returned to their normal services by the early hours of Wednesday. And the left-out few will run as usual by the afternoon of Wednesday.

Haaretz, a news resource from Israel, says that the websites linked to domain were hit by the DDoS attack, and those related to defense were spared as they were operating from a different domain.

Unconfirmed sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders disclosed that a group of Iranian threat actors has conducted the attack to grab the attention of the world from the ongoing Russia Ukraine war.

Note 1- A Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is a kind of cyber attack where hackers target web servers with fake web traffic, denying access to the actual web traffic, leading to disruption-led downtime.

Note 2- There is another speculation doing rounds in the media and that is as follows. From the year 2019, many of the Russian business tycoons belonging to the Jewish community have sought Israeli Citizenship or residency. And Israel is yet to join nations such as the United States and the UK for imposing sanctions on Russia, as most of its tycoons are paying enormous taxes to keep the nation alive. So, there is a high probability that those who are to support Ukraine could have launched the attack.


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