Russian Construction and Housing website hacked for war on Ukraine


Russia started a war in Ukraine in the early hours of February 24th,2022, and even after 100 days of the invasion, the country could not get a complete hold of the entire region. On one hand, Putin’s led nation is facing a fund, ammunition, and manpower crunch on the other, it is also facing cyber threats from Ukraine.

Russian State News Agency RIA Novosti released a report that the country’s Construction, Housing, and utility website was down because of a cyber attack launched by Anonymous Group, which stated that it made the hack in the Glory of Ukraine.

Interestingly, RIA states sensitive data was stolen from the website and now the hackers are demanding a ransom to prevent data from spilling onto the dark web.

Security analysts state that the Anonymous group never indulges in threatening tactics. However, there is also doing around on the internet that the said hacking group might have indulged in blackmailing to keep its cash registers ringing.

Kremlin touted the latest hack as the biggest in the country’s history after the start of the war with Ukraine in Feb this year. In May, a state television channel was hacked on Victory day and almost 90 days ago, news agency TASS and News resource Kommersant were hacked.

Killnet, a Pro-Russian hacking group, has announced that it will launch a retaliation-filled cyber attack on the criminal gang that is behind the attack. Also, it reiterated the fact that the west needs to pay a heavy price for supporting Ukraine in the hack.


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