Russian Construction and Housing website hacked for war on Ukraine

Russia started a war in Ukraine in the early hours of February 24th,2022, and even after 100 days of the invasion, the country could not get a complete hold of the entire region. On one hand, Putin’s led nation is facing a fund, ammunition, and manpower crunch on the other, it is also facing cyber […]

Financial data of about 42m Britons hacked last year

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), an international law firm based in Britain, published some interesting facts on its survey conducted on Financial Frauds that took place last year. And as per the published material, financial data of nearly 42 million Britons was hacked last year. RPC researchers state the figures might vary as the recorded 42m […]

FBI Email Servers hacked

The so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), America’s most prestigious law enforcement organization, is facing embarrassment as hackers somehow crept into its email servers and sent 100,000 fake emails to many recipients- mostly innocent civilians. In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the hack occurred because of a mis-configuration in the email server of […]

More than 13 billion files leaked from Cit0Day

Cit0Day website that was launched in Jan’18 by hackers to reveal usernames, email addresses, and text passwords accessed from various data breaches was closed by the US Federal Bureau of investigation on September 14th, 2020.   But the news is out that the information on the closed database was copied by hackers before it was […]

Signs that confirm that an Android Smart phone is hacked

As the use of Android based smart phones is increasing, studies suggest that these gadgets are becoming favorite targets to hackers and cyber criminals. Now to those who aren’t aware about the tech of ‘Smart Phone Hacking’ here’s a gist on it. A smart phone hack means presence of malicious apps or software such as […]

UK PM Boris Johnson phone hacked by Saudi Prince Salman

Just when the reports are emerging that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos phone was hacked by Saudi Ruler Mohammad Bin Salman in 2018 to access sensitive information, here comes a piece of information from a source from Daily Mail that the Saudi ruler might also have access to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mobile phone as […]

Cyber attack news trending on Google

1.) Hackers reportedly targeted the mobile phones used by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro early last week and the incident was confirmed by the Brazilian Justice Ministry through a press statement yesterday. The announcement comes just after a statement released by the Brazilian police on July 25th claiming a cyber attack probe launched on the mobile […]

Telecommunication Companies across the world are hacked

Over a dozen Mobile Carriers from across the world are reported to be under the control of hackers who could shut down the mobile network creating a partial or total blackout any time soon! Yes, you’ve read it right! A Boston based security company named Cybereason has discovered the above-said fact in its recent study […]

Cyber Attack on Japan’s online Store leaks data of 460,000 customer accounts

Japan’s online retailing store ‘Fast Retailing’ has released a press statement yesterday that the websites of its business subsidiaries UNIQLO Japan and GU Japan were hacked due to which customer accounts from April 23rd, 2019 to May 10th, 2019 were compromised. News is out that the online store became victim to a credential stuffing cyber […]

Cyber Attack on Cathy Pacific leaks info of more than 9.4 million passengers

Cyber Attack News is out that hackers have succeeded in intercepting the database of Cathy Pacific Airlines and have managed to access info of more than 9.4 million passengers. The accessed info includes names, date of birth, phone numbers, email and passport numbers. An investigation on how the cyber crooks got into the network is […]

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