Cyber Attack on Cathy Pacific leaks info of more than 9.4 million passengers

Cyber Attack News is out that hackers have succeeded in intercepting the database of Cathy Pacific Airlines and have managed to access info of more than 9.4 million passengers. The accessed info includes names, date of birth, phone numbers, email and passport numbers.

An investigation on how the cyber crooks got into the network is being carried out by the IT staff of the airlines along with the local law enforcement authorities.

An official statement from the Hong Kong-based airliner says that none of the leaked info was misused by the hackers till date.

According to a source from The Independent, the leaked info includes details such as when the customers traveled via the airline’s carrier and to what destination.

Cathy Pacific said that the hack was discovered when an audit was carried out on its IT systems last week. The IT staff found that a hacker has found access to the database. But are yet to find out the exact details on when the hack took place and how?

Rupert Hugg, the CEO of Cathy Pacific confirmed the news and issued an unconditional apology to the airline’s customers for the data leak.
More details are awaited!

Note- Cathy Pacific is known to operate passenger and cargo services to more than 190 destinations in more than 60 countries worldwide. In the year 2010, the company became the world’s 10th largest airline when it comes to sales figures and 14th largest in terms of market capitalization. The 72-year-old International Airlines Carrier has 4 times won the “World’s Best Airlines Award” and has been consistently ranking as among the best airlines in the world.

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