How companies should recover when password breach occurs

Undoubtedly, every business worldwide is susceptible to cyber attacks and data breaches. The imperative response lies in implementing proactive measures to safeguard against such attacks and establishing an efficient disaster recovery plan for unforeseen events. Addressing password breaches, hackers frequently employ phishing schemes to manipulate employees into surrendering crucial credentials, such as login information. These […]

These cyber laws violation can land you in jail

As internet is becoming a part of everyday lives, some criminals are using it to satiate their vengeance needs and to gain monetary benefits. Online frauds, KYC related frauds, ransomware spread, identity thefts, crypto jacking and mining, social media stalking, job frauds, cyber terrorism, distribution and spread of X rated stuff are some crimes that […]

Data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked and put for sale on Dark Web

LinkedIn is back in news for failing to protect its user data from hackers and this time the issue is serious as data of over 700 million of its 756 million has leaked and put for sale on the dark web. However, the professional website denies all such media claims and stated that the newly […]

Best Practice: Identifying And Mitigating The Impact Of Sunburst

This post was originally published bycheckpoint During the closing weeks of 2020 a Cyber Security attack became one of the main headline news stories of what had already been a news-rich year. Attributed to a campaign that began months earlier, the information security teams of government agencies and private organizations quickly shifted their focus to […]

The Healthcare Breach Report: Breaches on the Upsurge

This post was originally published by Juan Lugo. The vast majority of healthcare organizations utilize and store protected health information (PHI), which is composed of patients’ sensitive information. HIPAA, the privacy rule that classifies PHI, describes protected health information as medical history, Social Security numbers, personal financial data, and more.  Read more here:

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Mega Breach Exposes More Than 250 Million

This post was originally published by Juan Lugo. Tech giant, Microsoft, failed to uphold the most common security requirement – password protection, for a database that contained personal information on more than 250 million customers. The database is said to have customer information dating back to 14 years, in some cases. Microsoft has been in the news […]

First American Breach Retrospective

This post was originally published here by Paul Sullivan. Krebs On Security recently broke the news that First American, a major financial services corporation, had about 885 million real estate documents exposed on its website, with records dating back to 2003. First American is one of the largest providers of real estate title insurance, and these documents contained sensitive […]

Cyber Attack on Wipro helps hackers launch advanced Phishing attacks

KrebsOnSecurity, a research source which operates against cybercrime and run by investigative reporter Brian Krebs has disclosed that a network breach at India’s IT outsourcing giant Wipro has targeted some of the company clients through advanced phishing attacks. News is out that some hackers managed to intercept the servers operating at the Bengaluru based Wipro […]

The biggest data breaches of all times till date

All these days Cybersecurity Insiders has reported to its reader’s info about the news of cyber attacks and the top data breaches which happened in the current year. But on the last day of this year, it would like to bring to your notice a list of the largest reported data breaches of USA in […]

Cyber Attack on Starwood Marriott linked to Chinese Ministry of State Security

While, all these days we have seen companies coming under cyber attack and law enforcement agencies blaming US adversaries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran for the incidents. But now, renowned news resource in the United States- The New York Times claims that it has evidence that the Chinese Ministry of State Security was behind […]

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