Data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked and put for sale on Dark Web


LinkedIn is back in news for failing to protect its user data from hackers and this time the issue is serious as data of over 700 million of its 756 million has leaked and put for sale on the dark web.

However, the professional website denies all such media claims and stated that the newly discovered data was an old one scrapped from one of the previous hacks that took place in April 2021.

A spokesperson from the professional social networking website endorsed the news and said that no new data belonging to any member was exposed in the attack, as speculated by a certain section of media.

The California based company has also issued a statement that it doesn’t entertain any kind of user data scrapping taken up by members or any third parties that the members haven’t agreed. And described the activity as a violation of LinkedIn’s terms of service and assured that such activity will be blocked and those indulging will be prosecuted.

Note 1 –LinkedIn’s April 2021 hack exposed critical data of members that includes the users physical addresses, phone numbers, salary estimates, workplace information, gender details and URL links to their social media accounts respectively.

Note 2-Launched on May 3rd,2003, LinkedIn is the world’s first employment based social media platform that serves its users through a website and a mobile app. By the year 2015, the company picked up its revenue by selling its member information to recruiters and sales professionals. And in December 2016, Microsoft announced it has gained the social networking platform that has over 756 million users spread across 200 countries.

Naveen Goud
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