Data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked and put for sale on Dark Web

LinkedIn is back in news for failing to protect its user data from hackers and this time the issue is serious as data of over 700 million of its 756 million has leaked and put for sale on the dark web. However, the professional website denies all such media claims and stated that the newly […]

Apps sharing precise location data details of about 200 smartphones across the US

An investigation conducted by the renowned news resource ‘The New York Times’ has found that some apps such as GasBuddy and The Weather Channel are amongst 75 companies which are sharing the precise location data of more than 200 million smartphone users across the United States. New York Times claims that the details are being […]

Facebook’s new vulnerability leaks sensitive details of its users

Imperva, a California based security software provider has discovered a new vulnerable on Facebook’s platform which could leak sensitive details of its users such as likes, posts, and interest. However, the good news is that the social media giant has patched up the bug causing further embarrassment to the Mark Zuckerberg led company which is […]

Equifax Cyber Attack faces a lawsuit from Canada Citizen

In September 2017, Equifax disclosed that a cyber attack on its database has exposed sensitive info of more than 143 million of its American consumers. The leaked data includes social security numbers, driver licenses, and phone numbers as well. Daniel Thalheimer, 46, a citizen of Duncan, Canada has now filed a class action lawsuit against […]

Security Info of Britain Queen leaked onto Dark Web!

Top Secret Security Information of Britain’s Queen was found to be circulating on the dark web since last week. And as per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the info could have been leaked from a memory stick which was found on a street near to Heathrow Airport. Law enforcement officials have launched an investigation […]

Cloud Security glitch exposes info about 593000 Alaskan Voters

CouchDB Database’s cloud security glitch is said to have exposed information pertaining to more than 593,000 Alaskan voters. The sources reporting to cybersecurity insiders say that the data got exposed when cloud security admins bypassed important security settings that were set to the public instead of private. Thus, anyone who got an internet connection could […]

Hackers steal 2 million customer details from CEX via Cyber Attack

A cyber attack launched by some hackers hailing from Briton is said to have leaked customer details of more than 2 million CEX customers.  The details include personal info like names, email addresses, contact numbers and some financial data which include encrypted credit card details. CEX which sells second-hand mobile phones, games and electronics said […]

Amazon Storage leaks personal data of 14 million Verizon Customers

Personal data of more than 14 million Verizon customers was leaked on Tuesday this week due to a misconfiguration on Amazon Web Services storage bucket. Hence, cyber incidents such as this highlight the importance of data protection practices on cloud platforms. The security lapse was discovered by a research firm called UpGuard. And as per […]

Poor cloud security practices led to the leak of RNC Voter Database

Cloud Security practiced carelessly is said to have led to the leak of RNC Voter database.  A researcher from the UpGuard Cyber Risk team confirmed this news and also stated that the leak could have been prevented if proper cyber security skills were practiced. UpGuard research discovered that Republican National Committee’s voter database info which […]

A synopsis of this week’s Cyber Attack news!

Last Friday, the entire world was left astonished when all news headlines stated that a global cyber attack was launched by a group of hackers from North Korea affecting over 200,000 computers in over 150 nations. The ransomware attack targeted computers and digital networks operating in Russia, China, Japan, UK, France, US and Asia and […]

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