Security Info of Britain Queen leaked onto Dark Web!


Top Secret Security Information of Britain’s Queen was found to be circulating on the dark web since last week. And as per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the info could have been leaked from a memory stick which was found on a street near to Heathrow Airport.

Law enforcement officials have launched an investigation on this issue and officials are now planning to realign the arrangements of the Britain Royal Family for security reasons.

Daily Mail reports that the memory sticks which was found on a street contained sensitive data like maps, videos and details about measures to protect the majesty when the queen and her royal family transit to & from the airport. It also contained files which had info regarding the safety of cabinet ministers, foreign dignitaries who will visit Britain in near time and some high profile dignitaries of England.

An anonymous who reported to our Cybersecurity insiders through twitter said that one of the files had IDs required to access restricted areas, and a timetable for patrols used to guard against suicide bombers and terrorist attacks. The stick also contained info related to the radar systems which is used to scan the Heathrow airport runaway and the perimeter fence.

The USB stick was found by an unemployed person living in Queen’s Park, North West London.

Police suspect that the information on the USB stick might have been copied by hackers after launching a cyber attack on UK’s high profile dignitary’s email account. They also confirmed that more than 10% of the memory stick’s info is now available on the dark web.

The officials confirmed that those who are found uploading the content or proved guilty on this issue will be prosecuted seriously.

More details on this issue are awaited!

NOTE- This shocking security lapse comes just after the GCHQ raised a terror cyber threat to critical following the Parsons Green Tube Terror Attack.

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