Italian data watchdog probes data breach of LinkedIn 500 million user accounts

For the first time in the history of professional social media platform LinkedIn a formal investigation has been launched by Italian watchdog Garante Privacy over a data breach of 500m LinkedIn user accounts. LinkedIn confirmed the probe and stated that it is ready to face a legal probe in this regards and is ready for […]

Hackers plead guilty for hacking and accessing 57m user details from Uber and LinkedIn

Two hackers have pleaded guilty for stealing account information of over 57 million users belonging to tech companies Uber and Lynda- now renamed as LinkedIn Learning after acquisition by the professional networking giant. Highly placed sources say that the two hackers, Brandon Glover, of Florida and Vasile Mereacre of Toronto, Canada were presented before the […]

US Fed using 18k fake profiles to check Foreigners

To all those aspirants dreaming about US Visas, Green cards and permanent citizenship, here’s a news piece to share which might help make or break your dreams to become a true US citizen.US Citizenship and Immigration Service Officers (USCIS) have again started to snoop on to the social accounts of foreigners via fake social media […]

The biggest data breaches of all times till date

All these days Cybersecurity Insiders has reported to its reader’s info about the news of cyber attacks and the top data breaches which happened in the current year. But on the last day of this year, it would like to bring to your notice a list of the largest reported data breaches of USA in […]

How to activate 2-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

There is hardly any human being on earth these days who doesn’t have a social media account. Such is a popularity of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Despite the truth that all these accounts are safe to use, there is a high probability in this existing cyber landscape that hackers […]

Bitglass Security Spotlight: LinkedIn, Vector, and AWS

This post was originally published here by Jacob Serpa . Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks: LinkedIn security gap exposes users’ data Vector app reveals customers’ information AWS misconfiguration makes LocalBlox user information public New malware steals data via powerlines Banking apps deemed the most unsecured  LinkedIn security gap exposes users’ data LinkedIn’s […]

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell sign Cyber Attack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook, Dell and 37 other companies operating in the United States have signed a Cyber Attack pact pledging not to assist offensive government cyber attacks. That means, even if the government of United States desires to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of its enemy nations ( like Russia, China, and North Korea), […]

LocalBlox builds 48 million profiles by extracting sensitive information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter users

LocalBlox a data telemetry firm is said to have used sensitive info from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zillow platforms to create a ‘3-dimensional’ picture of over 48 million users. A report from security firm UpGuard said that the information was used for advertising or political campaigns. What’s more alarming in this whole saga is the […]

Chinese Spies Cyber Attack German officials and Politicians through LinkedIn!

Bundesamt Fur Verfassungsshutz or shortly known as BFV, the German Intelligence Agency has warned all politicians and government officials of its country against cyber attacks launched by Chinese Spies. BFV issued a warning that some spies working for Chinese intelligence are sieving professional networking site ‘LinkedIn’ to gather data on at least 10,000 Germans to […]

Computer Security software provider McAfee LinkedIn page hacked

McAfee which happens to be America’s top computer security software provider felt extremely embarrassed yesterday when it learned that its LinkedIn page was hijacked by an individual or a group of hackers. The cyber attack on McAfee’s LinkedIn page happened at 9:30 PM EST on Sunday and the hackers soon managed to deface the page […]

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