Cyber Attacks that impacted billions and millions of online user accounts

In recent times, our focus has been on reporting the aftermath of cyber attacks and the challenges faced by their victims. In this article, we will shift our attention to the cyber attacks that have left a significant impact on millions and billions of online accounts. 1.) Yahoo: Back in September 2018, Yahoo, a pioneer […]

LinkedIn account hacks increased in the past couple of weeks

LinkedIn users are advised to prioritize enhancing the security of their accounts, given recent incidents in which several individuals in the tech community have experienced unauthorized access by hackers over the past two months. Hackers are showing no restraint in selecting targets, as any successfully compromised account can lead to financial gains for them. Typically, […]

Microsoft to pay $20m penalty for collecting children info without consent

Microsoft has made an official announcement that it will pay a $20m penalty to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as it was found guilty of collecting children info via gaming consoles without their valid consent. Digging deep into the context, a lawsuit was slapped against the technology giant for collecting information of children playing […]

LinkedIn bolsters its cyber threat detection with Moonbase

LinkedIn, a professional social networking platform having 20,000 employees serving about 874 million members, has bolstered its IT Infrastructure to protect against the prevailing sophistication driven cybersecurity threats. The world’s largest professional network is following a new program dubbed ‘Moonbase’ that improved the company’s threat detection and incident response, thus helping security analysts and engineers […]

LinkedIn added new security features to weed out fraud and fake profiles

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where learnt people interact to take their businesses to next level. But there are N number of instances where the platform has/is serving as a medium for criminals to create fake profiles to lure C-level employees with malicious intentions, sell fake counterfeit products, and act as a medium […]

LinkedIn being targeted by fake CISO Profile Positions in Large Companies

LinkedIn has publicly announced that for some reasons, its servers are being targeted by fake CISO Profiles that disclose vacant positions at large multinational companies. However, the profiles when probed are found to be fake and being targeted from Asian & African countries that have nothing to do with the company operations or vacancies. Krebs […]

LinkedIn fake job offers and emails leading to Cyber Frauds

LinkedIn, a professional social networking website, has become a part of our daily lives as it not only allows us to promote a business but also allows to network, job hunt and recruit new talent. However, not all seems to be well with the said online business, as it has disturbed the lives of many […]

LinkedIn tops the Phishing Email list

LinkedIn is known as a professional social networking website that helps to connect companies with experienced professionals. But in the past few months, the company’s name is being used by cyber criminals as the most spoofed brand to send phishing emails. Check Point, a security-based research firm found in its analysis that LinkedIn’s name is […]

Russian hacker need not pay compensation to LinkedIn, Dropbox and Automatic

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, a supervising body for all district courts operating in North America, has asked a Russian cyber criminal not to pay any kind of compensation for breaching the databases of 3 corporate companies. Previously, as per the order of July 2020, Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin was supposed to […]

Data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked and put for sale on Dark Web

LinkedIn is back in news for failing to protect its user data from hackers and this time the issue is serious as data of over 700 million of its 756 million has leaked and put for sale on the dark web. However, the professional website denies all such media claims and stated that the newly […]

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