iPhone X

Apple iPhone X can be hacked

The $1200 worth of Apple iPhone X can be hacked and yes, what you’ve read is cent per cent correct! A Chinese researcher named Wish Wu claims that he can hack an iPhone X under certain conditions. But his antics won’t work with other models released by the technology giant such as iPhone XS and […]

Apple Employees leaking secret info could face 5 years jail term

Apple Inc, the iPhone making giant has reminded its employees of the consequences of leaking secret info meant for internal references. The company issued a memo saying that all those caught in leaking the company’s product info to media resources will be heavily fined and could also face a 5-year jail term. Since, 2017, Apple […]

Apple yet to detect fix to Indian Telugu letter bug!

For all those who are waiting for an Apple iPhone Bug fix related to Indian Telugu letter ‘జ్ఞ‌ా’ (pronounced as Ghyna) here’s an update related to it. The American Multinational company is yet to find a fix but says that its researchers are already behind it and will come up with a solution by this […]

Apple acquires Image analyzing Startup Regaind!

Apple has acquired Image Analyzing french startup Regaind probably to envision its future objective on Mobile Security. Regaind is a small startup company which offers game-changing insights to companies through artificial intelligence. So, Apple desires to use Regaind’s computer vision API in all its future device releases and solve the issues which cropped up through […]

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