A synopsis of Russian Cyber Attack on UK Anti Doping Agency

Fancy Bear, the Russian Intelligence funded hackers group is said to have launched a cyber attack on UK Anti Doping (UKAD) Agency on last weekend to siphon off with data related to medical records and drug testing history of Britain’s leading sports stars. But the officials at the UK’s anti-doping agency have confirmed that the […]

ISIL will shift its focus to cyber attacks after battlefield loss!

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, shortly known as ISIL, is all set to shift its focus to cyber warfare due to the battlefield loss with American troops in Iraq. Yes, the terrorist group along with a few other anti-social elements of Israel has decided to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure […]

Is a Jihadi Cyber Attack on the prowl?

US President Donald Trump has pronounced a latest executive order which imposes a temporary ban on refugees and populace from 7 Muslim Nations into the United States. But experts say that pretty soon a Jihadi Cyber Attack may be launched by extremists group to retaliate the new law. Guillaume Poupard, Head of France’s Digital Security […]

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