Kaspersky Lab

Cyber Stress plagues the populace of America and Canada

A Survey report compiled by Kaspersky Lab says that 81 Percent of the American and Canadian populace is being plagued by Cyber Stress. Means their mind is experiencing fatigue as soon as they hear news of data breaches. To quantify their findings on the effect of online threat on people’s minds, Kaspersky Lab studied the […]

Britain accuses Kaspersky Lab of spying on Gamma Group!

Kaspersky, a Russia based cybersecurity firm is now facing a tough time in business as it being plagued by a number of allegations made by various government heads. Last year, on the basis that the security software was spying and leaking data to Russian Intelligence, US President Donald Trump banned the software usage in all […]

Ransomware emerges as a major threat to American Companies

Malwarebytes which offers cyber security related products to the corporate world as quoted in its latest report that ransomware has emerged as a governing threat to companies operating in the entire United States. The study report of Malware bytes says that the distribution rate of the said the malicious virus has grown by 267% between […]

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