Fortifying the Human Firewall: Six-Steps For An Effective Security Awareness Program

[By Perry Carpenter, chief evangelist and security officer at KnowBe4] The threat landscape is evolving with new attack vectors and cyber threats surfacing almost daily. Cybersecurity technology has come a long way too; however, security researchers are increasingly finding that most breaches are related to human factors such as phishing, which stem from poor security judgment and […]

Employment Scams On The Rise: What Can HR Do To Mitigate Them?

Ani Banerjee, Chief Human Resources Officer, KnowBe4 Bad news. Your organization just announced a major restructuring, making your role “redundant”. You update your LinkedIn profile, using the #OpenToWork hashtag, and announce to prospective recruiters that you’re on the market, actively searching for a new gig. A scammer posing as a Recruiter (from a profile appearing legitimate), […]

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