Kubernetes misconfiguration may lead to data hacks

According to a study made by security firm Cyble, about 900,000 Kubernetes are exposed to hackers because of misconfiguration errors. Thus, they could be exposed to involuntary malicious scans and can anytime evolve into simple data access points to cyber criminals. Some companies do not engage professional staff to defend their IT assets and that’s […]

Brute Force attack launched by Russia APT28 using Kubernetes

All these days we have seen instances where Kubernetes were used to automate the deployment of containerized applications. But a new discovery made by the National Security Agency(NSA) of United States has revealed that Russian hacking group APT28 is launching Brute Force Cyber Attacks using Kubernetes to ensure anonymity. APT28 aka Fancy Bear or Strontium […]

Veeam offers ransomware protection to Kubernetes containers

Veeam has proudly announced that it is offering ransomware protection to Kubernetes Containers through its v4.0 version of K10 software. The product release is happening through Kasten business and K10 happens to be a cloud based backup and disaster recovery software that offers business continuity to Kubernetes environments. FYI, Kasten was gained by Veeam for […]

How to secure a Kubernetes cluster

This blog was written by an independent guest blogger. More and more organizations are adopting Kubernetes, but they’re encountering security challenges along the way. In the fall 2020 edition of its “State of Container and Kubernetes Security” report, for instance, StackRox found that nearly 91% of surveyed organizations had adopted Kubernetes, with a majority (75%) of participants […]

Kubernetes Cloud Security is vulnerable to hackers

Security researchers have recently found out that Kubernetes cloud platforms have a big security bug which offers hackers the privilege to access the software applications running on the nodes. Note- Kubernetes is a software intuitive tool which offers easy management access to large numbers of containers similar to virtual machines running on multiple operating systems […]

Companies rush to provide Container runtime security to Google Cloud SCC

Companies such as Capsule 8, StackRox and Aqua Security have announced that they are set to work in partnership with Google Cloud Platform(GCP) to bring in container runtime security capabilities to Cloud Security Command Center, shortly known as Cloud SCC. Technically speaking, Google’s Cloud Security Command Center helps enterprise security teams gather data and track […]

RedHat to acquire Cloud Security Startup CoreOS for $250 million

America Multinational Software Company RedHat which is also into cloud business is soon going to acquire cloud security startup CoreOS for $250 million. Industry analysts say that the acquisition will help the North Carolina based firm enable its customers to build an application and deploy them in any environment with the litheness afforded by open […]

Redlock saves organizations from $758 million data breach costs with its Cloud Security Intelligence

California-based company Redlock is offering Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) which is capable of saving organizations from $758 million data breach costs. The company which offers security related to cloud infrastructure brings together an intelligence which is enriched by elite security analysts, data scientists and data engineers from corporations as large as Microsoft, Cognizant, Credit Suisse […]

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