Veeam offers ransomware protection to Kubernetes containers


Veeam has proudly announced that it is offering ransomware protection to Kubernetes Containers through its v4.0 version of K10 software. The product release is happening through Kasten business and K10 happens to be a cloud based backup and disaster recovery software that offers business continuity to Kubernetes environments.

FYI, Kasten was gained by Veeam for $150m in October 2020 and by using its technology, the latter has developed a product named K10 to back up up data and applications for Kubernetes containers.

“These days’ threat actors are always in a lookout for gaps that can be exploited. These vulnerabilities can emerge while installation and development of the software, and through backup and operations that can be used by hackers to induce ransomware”, said Niraj Tolia, the President and GM of Kasten, Veeam.

K10 not only has the potential to block all variants of File encrypting malware, but also can prevent malicious insider attacks, or accidental deletions made by admins. It also has multi-cluster management where aauthorized users can manage their own clusters and create backup policies for their own application namespaces and allow secondary cluster additions.

Veeam’s Kasten K10 platform supports HPE Ezmeral Container Platforms, Nutanix Karbon, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure Stack and backup to NFS Targets.

Veeam’s 4.0 software offers backups to immutable (unchangeable) object storage platforms where users can specify a retention period under which no data changes can be made. Other cloud platforms, such as Amazon S3, MinIO and Scality, also support immutability and so v4.0 users can also use them as target stores.

Naveen Goud
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