John McAfee Twitter Account Hacked!

John McAfee, owner of California based Security Software Company McAfee Associates has announced to the world that his Twitter Account was hacked last week and was being used to promote obscure cryptocurrencies.  The 73-year old tech pioneer added in his statement that the breach was in no way related to his company’s inefficient cybersecurity credentials, […]

McAfee acquires Cloud Security firm Skyhigh Networks

McAfee, the Computer Security Software Company of United States has acquired cloud Security firm Skyhigh networks for an undisclosed amount. Business Analysts say that the deal was a part of an ongoing trend for consolidation in the security industry, where large players buyout small security companies in order to cut short competition. California based Skyhigh […]

AWS Cloud Security is now bolstered with McAfee!

American security software provider McAfee has made it official that it will help AWS to bolster its cloud security features with a new offering called “Virtual Network Security Platform”. The security provider said in its media briefing that its new product will help negate the single point of failure risks for Amazon Web Services users. […]

Android Ransomware hackers demand $50 for not leaking your images onto the Web

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that a new ransomware variant called ‘LeakerLocker’ is being circulated by hackers on Google Play store from past few weeks. And security researchers from McAfee discovered that the said malware has the potential to leak the images of the victim’s phone onto the web if a ransom of $50 isn’t paid. […]

Cyber Threat deepens due to 670 million malware samples says McAfee Report

America based Cyber Security firm McAfee has divulged in its June 2017 Cyber Threat report that the total number of malware samples existing in the cyberspace has increased by 22 percent in the last four quarters. The security firm also concluded in its report that more than 670 million malware samples have hit the cyberspace […]

Computer Security software provider McAfee LinkedIn page hacked

McAfee which happens to be America’s top computer security software provider felt extremely embarrassed yesterday when it learned that its LinkedIn page was hijacked by an individual or a group of hackers. The cyber attack on McAfee’s LinkedIn page happened at 9:30 PM EST on Sunday and the hackers soon managed to deface the page […]

McAfee proves that Russia used ‘Fake News’ to influence 2016 US Election voters

McAfee which released a recent report on security threats has confirmed that Russian hackers influenced the US 2016 Poll results by propelling fake news to distract and confuse voters. This led to the crowding of genuine information that could have better guided their decisions. Vincent Weafer, Vice President of McAfee Labs said that such incidents […]

Mobile Security turns into a booming business vertical for Companies!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture of the Corporate World is making businesses see mobile security as a highly productive business vertical these days. As hackers are getting busy in breaking mobile wallets, firms catering to cyber security needs are trying their best to capture this trend to make profits. Gartner has labeled this market […]

Cyber attacks may intensify in 2017 says McAfee report

Intel Security Group, formerly known as McAfee has predicted that the year 2017 will witness an increase in cyber attacks. As per the McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Prediction report, the most critical developments pulled out up in this arena will be from Cloud Security and Internet of Things (IOT). McAfee which was acquired by Intel […]

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