Every minute over 504 new Cyber Threats are being populated on the internet

American Global Cybersecurity Software McAfee says that every minute over 504 new cyber threats was being populated on the internet in the 1Q of 2019. Security experts from the Santa Clara based firm also suggest that there has been an increase in ransomware attacks in the 1Q of 2019 as cyber crooks were coming out […]

McAfee to acquire Cloud Security startup NanoSec

American Computer Security software company McAfee has made it official in the early hours of today that it is going to acquire cloud security startup ‘NanoSec’ for an undisclosed amount. Reported first in Fortune, the news share comes with an additional piece of info that the deal will be closed by next month-end, making all […]

McAfee offers new cloud security suite to protect Amazon RDS

American Computer Security vendor McAfee has recently introduced a new cloud security suite which helps protect Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) by smartly thwarting cyber attacks. Moreover, the cloud-based service offering also helps users from identifying and preventing cyber attacks on their on-premises databases. McAfee Database Security Suite also enhances Amazon RDS security by protecting, […]

McAfee says fileless cyber attacks are on the rise

American Computer security software McAfee has released a security report for 2Q 2018 which says that ‘fileless’ cyber attacks are on the rise in 2018 and they are leveraging the trusted Windows executable to invade systems and breach corporate networks. Note- A fileless cyber attack also called as zero footprint attack, macro attack or non-malware […]

Microsoft Cortana allows hackers to snoop down your files

Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems(OS) offers a virtual assistant called ‘Cortana’ which helps the OS users integrate with hundreds of Windows apps. But McAfee researchers allege that the hackers are using this AI propelled assistant to snoop down files from locked computers. Experts warn that the attack can turn serious if hackers decide to break […]

North Korea to launch global Cyber Attacks via ‘Operation GhostSecret’

A research carried out by ‘McAfee’ states that North Korea is in an intention to launch global cyber attacks of severe scale via Operation Ghost Secret. The research said that the attack campaign has targeted 17 countries so far including the United States and has focused on stealing military secrets and cyber provocations. McAfee LLC […]

North Korea blamed for a cyber attack on Turkish Financial Sector

From the past one year or so, many media sources from around the world were seen accusing North Korea and its leader Kim Jung Un for launching cyber attacks on their public and private digital assets. Now the latest to join is a cybersecurity firm named McAfee which accuses North Korean hackers group Hidden Cobra […]

McAfee offers cloud security extensively to Microsoft Azure users

McAfee, the Santa Clara based security software company has announced that it has extended its Cloud Security Platform consistently to protect Microsoft Azure users. Thus, with the announcement the company happens to deliver the industry’s most extensive solution to secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). As per the analysis of security analysts, […]

McAfee confirms cyber attacks on 2018 Winter Olympics!

It is a known fact that South Korea is holding 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County’s Olympic Stadium (Winter Olympics 2018 venue) between Feb 9th to Feb 25th of this year. We also know that it has recently made a peace treaty with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to spare its sporting event from […]

Cyber Attack on 2018 Winter Olympics detected!

While South Korea is preparing to host 2018 Winter Olympics between February 9th to 25th 2018 in Pyeongchang County, hackers, on the other hand, seem to be preparing well to attack the XXIII Olympic Winter Games with a wave of cyber threats. Security analysts from Cybersecurity firm McAfee have discovered a cyber attack campaign targeting […]

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