User Awareness Training: A Critical Component to Collaboration Tool Security

By Sean Brady, Mimecast VP of Product Management In addition to email, collaboration tools are now a focal point of the cyber threat landscape. While email-borne attacks remain the primary vector exploited by threat actors today, collaboration channels like Microsoft Teams and Slack have emerged as critical vulnerabilities of the cloud-based hybrid enterprise. Best-in-class products […]

Mimecast customers targeted by espionage campaign says Microsoft

Mimecast that provides cloud based security for emails and data was alerted by tech leader Microsoft about a possible hacking that could have led the threat actors snoop on the customers. The UK based company says that it has reviewed its security policies and added that the situation is under control. Later on Tuesday, Microsoft […]

Acquisition news for this Week

London based Email Security services provider Mimecast has made it official that it has acquired cybersecurity training and awareness platform ‘Ataata’ last week. The financial details of the deal are yet to be known. But the objective is clear- to allow Mimecast customers to measure cyber risk training effectiveness by adapting behavior observations into actionable […]

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