Mimecast customers targeted by espionage campaign says Microsoft


Mimecast that provides cloud based security for emails and data was alerted by tech leader Microsoft about a possible hacking that could have led the threat actors snoop on the customers. The UK based company says that it has reviewed its security policies and added that the situation is under control.

Later on Tuesday, Microsoft released an official note that says cyber crooks somehow compromised the servers issuing certificates to authenticate Sync and Recover, Continuity Monitor and Internal Email Protect (IEP) products to Microsoft 365. And the hack was discovered by the Windows giant on time before any deep impact could take place to the company’s reputation.

However, as the news broke out, the share prices of Mimecast witnessed a slight decrease in the value at the Stock Exchange at the closing of Tuesday, i.e. January 12th,2021.

A Prima facie has revealed that 10%(36,000) of Mimecast customers could have used the compromised web connection, allowing the hackers to snoop on their activity. And all of them will be contacted on a digital note so that they can take remedies to avoid any untoward incident in the future.

Laura Barnes, the spokesperson of Mimecast stated on twitter that an investigation is still underway and assured that the developments will be updated to the media at time.

Note- Interestingly, the server hack of Mimecast was discovered after the SolarWinds hack was made public last month by FireEye and FBI. And Joe Biden’s government is firm that Russian intelligence could have snooped on the 250 American companies that used the SolarWinds Orion Software through the Kazuar Backdoor. It is clear from a report published in Reuters early this morning that Solorigate scandal will be deeply investigated by FBI after the Trump Administration falsely implicated China as suspects instead of the Vladimir Putin led a nation in Dec’2020.


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