Russian TV channels and exchange targeted by retaliation filled Cyber Attacks

Moscow Stock Exchange and a few of the Russian TV Channels were cyber attacked by a hackers group claiming to be working for Ukraine and as expected the digital services were pulled down in retaliation for the ongoing Ukraine war crisis. A telegram account with the name Ukraine IT Army posted a public message that […]

Hackers shut down Moscow’s Cable Car via Cyber Attack

Moscow’s Cable Car services which were opened to the public for the first time was reportedly shut down by hackers via cyber attack. Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the passengers were forced to disembark the vehicles only 2 hours after it opened on Wednesday as the digital systems which were operating the cars […]

UK plans to blackout Russia via Cyber Attack

Britain is reportedly planning to blackout Russia if the latter tends to execute its plan of launching a missile attack at the UK’s military base which is said to be ill-equipped to respond to such attacks as of now. The exercise to blackout Moscow is said to be the biggest war game of this decade […]

Vladimir Putin denies his country tried to hack the murder probe of Skripals Nerve Agent Attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied the allegations that Moscow was trying to hack the murder probe of Novichok Poisonings and demanded to see evidence in this regard. The statement was given by Putin himself just after his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helinski. Since, Thursday last week, prominent media sources have been […]

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