Vladimir Putin denies his country tried to hack the murder probe of Skripals Nerve Agent Attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied the allegations that Moscow was trying to hack the murder probe of Novichok Poisonings and demanded to see evidence in this regard. The statement was given by Putin himself just after his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helinski.

Since, Thursday last week, prominent media sources have been buzzing with the news reports that Kremlin was trying to manipulate the probe findings of Dawn Sturgess murder and nerve agent attack on Skripals conducted by Scotland Yard’s investigation through cyber attacks.

When the same was put forward as a question in front of him, Putin denied all the allegations in a serious tone and added to provide evidence. And as soon as the news anchor provided evidence on paper he politely replied to show him something substantial to prove the allegations.

However, British officials believe that Russia is desperate to know what is happening in the investigation and so was found trying its best to intercept the probe on a digital note.

The allegations were cemented when one of the officers who was leading the investigation probe has openly confessed that his mobile phone was targeted by state-sponsored hackers from Russia who were trying to intercept all the text and voice communication from the device.

At the Summit Putin also continued to deny that Russia had influenced the 2016 US presidential elections which were also accepted by Trump.

Naveen Goud
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