These are the general myths about Ransomware

Many companies, irrespective of the investment and size, are in an illusion that ransomware attackers do not target them, as they are not a popular company and do not have a business stature that could attract the attention of hackers. In this below article, let us discuss on some of such myths that are keeping […]

Common myths about Cloud Security!

Cloud Security solutions are usually plagued with a lot of malicious talks. And one which tops among them is that the said solutions are “inherently insecure”. So, to set the story straight and debunk the top cloud security myths once and for all, Cybersecurity Insiders is offering a clear perspective of the industry at the […]

Top 3 Myths about Ransomware- debunked!

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency on a joint note have lined out the top 3 myths about ransomware which are prevailing in the cyber space world. And the debunked myths are as follows- Myth 1- Backup of data is enough to recoup all your stolen data- First CIO’s need to […]

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